Thursday, April 02, 2009

Holiness - what and where is it?

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After a morning walk with Riley yesterday, I checked in over at Abbey of the Arts and found Christine's beautiful post; in it she asked the question - "what has revealed the holiness of this day to you?"

Usually a question from Christine, and she asks some good ones, deserves a bit of contemplative and reflective thought prior to my answering. These thoughts however popped right into my head.....

My walk with Riley this a.m. was cold, very cold, wind was biting and I needed a heavier jacket than the one I had worn. I knew the benefits of the exercise for him and for me but I wanted to turn around so many times, thought of short-cutting the track part of the walk and didn't, just kept putting one foot in front of the other and 40 minutes later we were back in our nice warm home with the walk only a memory.....until Christine's question.

Then I ask myself, "How has Lent been like this morning's cold walk?" Entering Lent, as an Episcopalian, is meaningful, a somewhat painless reminder of mortality with the imposition of ashes, and the somber invitation to enter into the observance of a holy Lent, by self-examination and repentance, etc.

But, the walk, ah the journey through Lent. For me rest and recreation was on the menu at the time Lent began this year so there was time for reflection about how my journey should proceed. Some moderation in my health habits surrounding eating seems always in order, no real hope of increasing the exercise because I'm already a little nutty about that, a definite plan of worship, reading and study, along with the beginning stages of a little reflective 'zine to be published prior to next year's Lent - to be marketed to bloggers, friends, family, acquaintances, whomever would enjoy some hand-holding inspirational reading during their own Lenten journey. The plan solid - proceed!

Whoops, I forgot to wear the right coat, it was too cold, the planned walk was too long, what was I thinking - maybe a shortcut is in order, stay the path, yes, it's good for me but couldn't the sun cooperate with me a little - I mean it looked like snow again! Which walk - the dog or the God path?

I could go on but I think you get my point. The walk today for me with the dog AND with God are good things - they are sacred reminders of my place on God's path. It seems too long, too cold, can I go the extra steps, should I, would I, will I, am I? The "planned for" warm place at the end of the walk is in sight..............oh, I hope it doesn't snow on Palm Sunday!!!

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  1. ok i want to comment on many things in this wonderful little post, however, i am too distracted by the box at the bottom with "related articles." what gives?

    also, very interesting how you have slipped in the mention of a zine for next lent as if we had heard of this many times. i don't think so. sounds wonderfully exciting! might this be the "blurb" project riley mentioned earlier?

    oh this lenten walk has been a wild one for me. some days it has definitely felt like a very long path indeed, but the wonders continue to abound.

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Yeah they might be a little distracting:)))part of the Zemanta "plan" to expand one's audience....

    and yes, Riley did mention the little blurb activity. It's interesting writing on several projects at a time isn't it? I have to double check myself to see if I haven't already said something or not in another place:) You ever have that problem?

    Thanks for the questions.