Friday, April 03, 2009

Lent - Holy Week - The Time In Between

Over at Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy this week, Lucy posted a comment about "the place in-between" and what it means to her right now. I found that I had some feelings about what that "in-between" time is for me right now that I wanted to share here.

The in-between time definition for me is the space between the end of Lent, the beginning of Holy Week.....Lent seems like a long journey and yet it is almost complete and now I must, I have to, it's required if I believe in Jesus Christ, step into the crowd singing hosannas on Palm Sunday and before the week is over, screeching 'crucify him' - it is indeed an in between time.

I would prefer the happily ever after ending/the Resurrection without all of the mess in-between but for me, I don't believe I can skip all the in-between and understand the Resurrection. God chooses such an interesting crowd of workers to deliver the good news!


  1. i just had one of those deja vu moments where i was certain this was a new post, but thought i had read the words before...aha...i think some of them are in the comment box at my place. whew! thought i was hallucinating again :-) xoxoox

  2. Lucy - No hallucinations - yep, my response to your post birthed this post. That's why I love the blogosphere so much. Inspiration is always there ready to hatch yet another thought that needs to be expressed that feels good to explore. Thanks for the inspiration you give me at Diamonds:)