Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Power of Retreat and Renewal

The power of being led through song, worship, reflection, praise, and movement is a blessed happening to observe and to partake in as a life-enriching gift to yourself.

You probably wouldn't like it though because you probably already sing, worship, reflect, praise, and move your body in new and untried postures - right? Or maybe not? I mean, of course you can't sing so there's no reason to try, you worship quietly on Sunday a.m. or Saturday or whenever, you reflect occasionally - maybe on a Vogue, People or Christian Century magazine article, you praise your children and whoever else needs it (besides you) - and your body, oh well you can do the pretzel dance any old day and besides that you're too old/too young to even contemplate new movements for your conservative, well-worn, and/or sleek, "limber like a noodle" bod.

Whoops, maybe you're way ahead of me on all these activities and have no need to be "awakened" to creative possibilities outside of the ones you've established for yourself, your family, your habitual way of seeing yourself in the world. No need to share with other women the joy, the monotony, the hilarity, the tragedy of your life. Right?

What would days away on retreat look like to you? Ever think of it?

Photo - SS Post-retreat reflection - priceless!
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  1. Beautiful photo: love the way the color of the chair echoes across the image...

  2. love the photo. i seem to have missed this spot. i have my own post up today about retreat :-) yea, who would ever think about doing such crazy things as opening up your throat and singing!?!??!?!

  3. duh...the "spot's" at your house. lovely!!!

  4. Hi Diane - thanks for the comment re the photo. I consider it a great compliment coming from someone whose photo work is always terrific! Hope you'll come back.

    Lucy - Yes our little backyard retreat is a beautiful spot. We need to set a date for a visit:)

  5. Can't wait to see what you create for us when you get back from retreat. the masks in the retreat section give a hint of the mystery you are going into. enjoy!

    Edelle Rose

  6. I plan on going on an 8-day silent retreat at the end of June. I would prefer a monastic retreat with liturgy of the hours chanted, but this is pretty good. When I am there, I let my Inner Child free. I do some craftwork or drawing (the latter gets into my sessions with my director!). Last year I found and adopted a large white teddy bear. I also visit the Willow Dome on the property. It was constructed by some Wiccans. I describe it as a Middle Earth cathedral -- very delightful, playful and spiritual. I wrote a poem about it, which my director was hoping to get included in one of their publications. I get in some major swing time.
    This year I plan to chant the hours out loud somewhere where it won't disturb anyone. Of course, I will bring my calligraphy material with me. I have become addicted to the smell of sumi ink.

  7. barbara--i just had to jump in here. that sounds like an absolutely amazing retreat!! i love the image of that inner child running free, swinging and chanting out loud!! i hope she will also feel encouraged to share with all of us when she returns. woohoo!!!

  8. I love the pink flowers, the pink chair... rosy in the garden.

  9. Barbara - wow, I agree with Lucy that your plans for retreat sound terrific! I've only been on a couple of silent weekend retreats. I like them very much. I would like to be a ladybug and follow you around - sounds like you're going to entertain yourself quite nicely! Thanks for sharing the adventure plan.

    LL - very rosy in the garden, although the baskets suffered a little this weekend when the weather turned 90 degrees - the housesitter missed "some" of them with the watering....they will survive and so will I but the initial shock of seeing them so wilted was disappointing:) Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment.