Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's a baby what?

Polypedates leucomystax from Darmaga, Bogor, W...Image via Wikipedia

It's a baby, I think or maybe not. It's kind of green and very small. It was captured by a friend as a very special gift for me. I don't know if it's a male or a female. (I probably should have two? Will he/she die of loneliness and fear tonight? I hope not!)

I've released it in a very damp area of the flower garden, with water, bugs and shelter nearby. We are supposed to have some rain tonight and I really am eager for it to just hunker down and stay, perhaps attract more small creatures like itself. I don't know - what do you know about little TREE FROGS??? (And please no lectures about importing foreign species, he/she/it was already living in Walla Walla:)) If I discover it's really bad for the environment, I'll just put up a sign that only the crows and magpies can read.......

Why would a friend give me a little tree frog? Well, because I really wanted one, of course, and besides doesn't every mature, intelligent, lovely, down-to-earth female gardener want a few little frogs of her own?

Have you ever wanted something that seemed totally out of character for you to have? Have you ever told someone else of that wish, never dreaming they would take you seriously, and/or have you just proceeded to find it on your own? Come on, I would love to hear of that special something you "gifted" yourself that no one else would have thought of finding for you!

Photo - no, that's not THE frog - just someone that looks like mine:)

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  1. What a fascinating question. I love thinking about this... and I think the answer might be the two resin angels that appeared one day on my garden table. I didn't know I even wanted an angel, let alone two of them, but I adore them, and still have no idea who left them for me...
    I ended up using one in a manipulated image I loved building: You can see it here:

  2. What a perfect gift and surprise for you. I visited your image and left a comment there. The image is quite beautiful! Come back soon.