Monday, June 29, 2009

"Life is a sacred adventure"

My life online is not excessive but it does exist. I have favorite bloggers that I read just for the pure joy of contact with them and for learning more about the world as seen through the eyes or words of those blogger friends. I also find it refreshing to be able to actually engage in a civilized conversation with friends or acquaintances of faiths other than my own and from time to time that sort of dialogue does happen.

Some would pooh, pooh this idea of blogger connection and consider it a frivolous waste of time, but as I've indicated in my first few words today, I treasure this time. Seldom do I spend more than a few minutes in reading but that I find God is right there on my computer sending me encouragement, refreshment, and reminders of Holy Existence in my life.

Stopping today at this site, one I visit occasionally and from which I've spent the last month experiencing words and ideas from a Quaker's point of view, I came upon these words:

"Life is a sacred adventure. Every day we encounter signs that point to the active presence of Spirit in the world around us. Spiritual literacy is the ability to read the signs written in the texts of our own experiences. Whether viewed as a gift from God or a skill to be cultivated, this facility enables us to discern and decipher a world full of meaning."

How can I doubt that this message was displayed for me to read? How can I fail to be reminded of my sacred adventure too often? Is it easy to miss the signs that point to the Holy Spirit in my life - well, yes, if I'm not looking or receiving I suppose the Holy Spirit could do anything, even strike me down, and I might not notice. Giving myself the opportunity to relate to others of faith online, and those without faith is a gift that I believe is heaven sent.

Do you ever find religious or seemingly God-sent messages online from blogger friends, from strangers, from completely out-of-the-blue resources? Ever think those messages may not be coincidental? Perhaps those messages were sent directly from the Heavenly Newsroom for your perusal, editing, enjoyment, or enlightenment - what do you think?

Photo - SS - part of my sacred adventure - the Grand Canyon


  1. I sometimes get these God-sent messages from SS's blog site. This was one.

  2. amen, sister! sacred life is happening all around...i am always stunned when i hear a particularly "religious" person say they have never heard God speak directly to them. where the heck are they living?


    on another note...see you watched "13 going on 30". i believe that was another of my recommendations :-)

    and one more thing...your word verification is "comes"...another little message perhaps?

  3. me again...i couldn't get the "link" to work on the site to which you referred :-(

  4. CP - thank you!

    Lucy - oh yeah - so agree. And, yes, I did watch "13" and loved it. It was a fun recommendation - the ending actually came as a bit of a surprise which is often rare in these entertaining stories.

    "comes" - why am I not surprised?

    .....and the link? ah, the mystery of the internet!


  5. Oh yes, God moments in the blog world. The kingdom continues to come again and again.

  6. Lisa - good to hear from you! Tx.