Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ordinary Life - is it?

From Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul I read the following this a.m..........

In ordinary life, creativity means making something for the soul out of every experience. Sometimes we can shape experience into meaningfulness playfully and inventively. At other times, simply holding experience in memory and in reflection allows it to incubate and reveal some of its imagination.

Reflecting on these words, I find that making "something for the soul out of every experience" would seem a daunting task for me. However, the second part of the statement that "holding experience in memory, etc." puts a wonderful, roomy gloss on the possibility of expanding precious moments (and even the not so precious) into a space of infinite exploration and restoration. My painting, writing, prayers, study, home work, exercise, time for family and friends - these things do all bring joy into my life, thereby I think, enriching my soul through what I would normally see as common everyday happenings.

So the question for me is, and maybe for you, do the ordinary things I choose to make happen in my life enrich my soul in the doing or does my soul enrich the quality of my day to day choices? What do you think?
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  1. hey sis, you know i'm going to answer this with "both/and"!!!

    i love your assessment of the daunting task, especially when we go looking for it. there is something about being intentional in soul tending and witnessing our every day lives with eyes open to see beauty in the "ordinary".

    your title is perfect. is there really anything ordinary???


  2. btw--i was afraid to open up my blog reader knowing you would probably have been prolific in my absence. i'm delighted to see i have returned just in time for your first post - post road trip :-)

  3. Hi Lucy - glad to see you're back in blogland!.....I was waiting for you:)

    I've sort of thought about this post all day and the both/and answer is perfect. There is nothing ordinary about these wonderful lives we are given to live - I am grateful for every breath and for the chance to keep unlayering this great Walla Walla sweet - that's me:) Thanks for your replies.


  4. I have no answers today -- but I love the questions! And love this photo even more; SO FINE!

  5. DRW - welcome, always glad to have a visit from you. Thanks.