Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ordinary details in an ordinary day?

Medieval coifImage via Wikipedia

Ordinary Grooming - or not?

The bristles lie still, prickly, inanimate
The handle cool to the touch
Only an effort will bring it alive

The mane standing silly
So creative on its own
Who will notice the work of the brush

The attention of the mind
The determination of the spirit
The task of mere grooming tempting the coif to fullness

The same with the soul, I say
Still, bristly at times
Comfortable to just be

But how silly the soul at waste is
Yes, creatively picking at random its path
How does one nourish the starving soul

Feeling the call to mind and emotion
The scripture, the devout silence, the longing
Gently coax the soul to attention

The curious, the called, hesitantly responding to the breath of holiness
Attention, action, hunger, fullness
Like the coif, what a joy the fed and groomed soul

Photo - Medieval Coif - Wikipedia

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  1. wow! you have been honing your poetry skills. this is wonderful. in an odd way it reminds me of christine's post today on being an artist-monk. this has a monk'like feel to it. "what a joy the fed and groomed soul"

  2. Thank you, thank you!:) Your comments to my blog of yesterday about our non-ordinary lives has put my mind on alert for all of the gifts that so easily translate as having come from our Creator.


  3. had to go back and check out my profundity that in some small way helped inspire this poetic creation.

    btw--i see you finally saw "my big fat greek wedding." :-)