Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why am I surprised?

Having been on the grand road trip (2800 + miles in the car) in the last couple of weeks, I tend to forget quickly how important my moments of prayer and meditation are to my everyday existence. ( No, I do not always take that time when I travel.) But upon returning to that habit, why am I so surprised that it's a comfort, it's a confidence builder, it's an important part of my life to recognize publicly, in private, that my soul yearns for connection with God; that my mind and creativity feed on the fragments of myth and reality that travel through my still mind in meditation.

I seldom miss church, even when traveling, so I have that community connection with God on the road, but along with a daily reminder of God's presence, I also miss my weekly spiritual formation group - a place to share openly "all fears and failures, even our joys and successes"* confidently knowing the group will embrace them without need for judgment nor rationalization.

Why am I surprised, indeed? Encouraging or convincing others of the importance of daily connection with God sometimes seems fruitless and to fall upon deaf ears. Perhaps someone will stumble across this post today and realize that they too might benefit from a daily connection with their Creator...........

*Renovare/A Spiritual Formation Workbook - words from Order of Meeting

Photo - SS - Angel's Gate, Grand Canyon Vista

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  1. i can never be reminded of this too many times!! it's the old mind easily we forget and return to surprise even with the amazing stuff like moments with god!!!