Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taken for granted

So here I am with a thought for Sunday's post - one that I was sure I read in "Wisdom Distilled from the Daily - Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today", by Joan Chittister, OSB. Thumbing back through my many underlinings in this little book, I can't locate the quote. So now I think I might have come across it in "Embracing the Wide Sky" by Daniel Tammet - AND, of course, I can't find it there, so, I'm just giving both authors the credit for a thought I find fascinating..........

"What would we pay to see the sunset every day if it wasn't free?"

Yes, how would one feel if upon arriving in Maui or some other island paradise, or after driving out in the country and up a hillside to watch the sunset, to find that all the tickets for sunset were sold out.....the seats had all been reserved? You would not even be allowed to watch the glorious sunlight's reflection across the sky? How many gifts, like the sunset and the sunrise, do I receive each day that are so free and so taken for granted?

I pray that today I will take nothing for granted. I'm praying that for you also.

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  1. fabulous question and one that i/we fortunately do not have to answer. the "free" things in life tend to be some of the most valuable and according to the beatles, "money can't buy you love."

    gorgeous photo and as i write i am peaking out my window to see what this sunset looks like tonight. xoxoo

  2. Hi Lucy,
    thanks for the words, as always. Photo is with my new camera, we're both getting used to our cameras' features and went out for a "practice" last Sunday evening. We were expecting a brighter, sunnier end to the day but the clouds rolled in and made for beautiful shadows and colors.
    I'm glad you took a minute to check out the sunset tonight:)

  3. An interesting thought, especially after having just been asked how much (or if) I would pay to be on FaceBook. No comparison, of course, except that both at the moment are free. Another free thing I have the privilege of enjoying is one that few people take advantage of. Bill hurries me outside several times a month to watch as the International Space Station makes a pass, and we pray for the people circling our earth.

  4. Hi Wren,

    I love the idea of seeing the ISS. It is so insane that there isn't more attention to the exploration that the astronauts do. We only pay attention when something awful happens to them. A definite case of "taking for granted" what's in front of our faces (at least a few night times of it) for a free show. Of course, discounting the billions of tax dollars flying around with them:)

    Thanks for reading!


  5. Great question SS and have to admit that I am reading your post long after dark. I would have payed more attention to our beautiful evening if I had read this first. I did notice our bright yellow leaves falling down in playful little groups, bright blue sky and clouds on the mountain. What was it all worth? Priceless! Of course.

  6. Hi Rebecca -

    Yellow leaves, groups, bright blue sky and clouds on the mountain - I'd say those views and gifts are PRICELESS indeed!