Monday, September 14, 2009

Too much fun

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Eagerness and planning for a new and adventurous holiday is building in our home these days. The doggies are already noticing small stacks of clean and pressed clothing, as though offerings to the suitcase gods, laid out in the two front bedrooms. There's a lot of talk of "how long" and time zones and confirmations of "no smoking reservations." I'm beginning to think that the two of us enjoy the pre-trip excitement almost as much as the voyage itself! I don't know that my mind will wrap around too many serious thoughts this week for posting.......we'll see:) Who knows, Riley may have to speak up this week for me.......I'll see if he's up to it. ....I don't think he knows much about Greece's Santorini or Rome but that dog does surprise me occasionally with his input!

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  1. How exciting! But poor Riley, I bet he'd love to go with you, he could have his own little backpack...

  2. Tess, you have no idea. This morning Andy, the oversized Shelty, tried his arthritic best to be a lap dog. The front half of him made it. And I think for no other reason than he knows what suitcases and stacks of clothes mean.

  3. You are going to have a fabulous time. Can't wait to hear about it. Jason just returned from two weeks in Greece. I'm envious of your being able to stack clean clothes out in the open. Tatoosh sees all stacks of clothes as a call to knead and distribute as much cat hair as possible.

  4. Hi Tess - Riley would gladly come along but his buddy, Andy, would be a definite stay at home guy, so.....

    CP - Not a bit of doubt that they "know"!

    Linda - Wow, 2 weeks in Greece - lucky guy! I'm already wishing we had made longer reservations for our trip.

    Oh yes, I remember days of kitty curling up right on top of the clean clothes placed in an open suitcase - looking up at me "like what?????"

  5. Offerings to the suitcase gods... that really made me smile!

  6. I will miss you here but look forward to seeing pics and posts when you get back. By the way, I have never taken the time to tell you about how beautiful and awe inspiring the artwork that you post here is. Thank you so much for sharing that gift. I wish that you would post some of them in your daily posts as well. You have such an artistic gift and you write as well! Keep on creating! Have fun in the Mediterranean!

  7. oh i know that house is full of flurry and furr these days. wonder what riley will "read" while you're gone? xoxo