Thursday, October 29, 2009

Retreat - why don't you?

An October 20 post from a Christine Kane guest blogger was so close to my thoughts of what a retreat is all about that I'm sharing some excerpts of that post with you today. Please note that I visit Ms. Kane's site often and find it encouraging, uplifting and often of practical use when learning to live with one's self. Christine gives permission for use of her work and I highly recommend her site. She is a gifted writer, teacher, and singer/song writer. Do yourself a favor, even if you don't take a retreat - visit her site, listen to her songs in the ITune store - enjoy!

".................I went to the retreat. I purposely went alone. I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I had no idea what was in store for me. But I think my soul knew there was more to my life, and it told me that this experience was going to help me live bigger and deeper than I had before. And it couldn’t have been more right.

In retrospect, one of the biggest victories about that retreat is that I actually went. I quit waiting on the outside of the loop due to fear of the unknown, or waiting for the nonexistent perfect time to leave my family. No one anointed me worthy or deserving. I’ve traveled alone for business countless times. But this was different. I had a feeling of adventure, excitement and autonomy I hadn’t felt before. Just making the decision to go caused a huge shift!

Here are a few things I’ve learned from that experience:

• Inaction is still a decision.

• Making one small step in a new or exciting direction can change how you feel about yourself.

• Investing in yourself and your happiness is not selfish. And the ripple effect is amazing.

• Getting out of your comfort zone makes you awake. You’ll no longer sleep walk through your life.

• There’s no use in complaining about the results in your life if you’re not actively involved in changing the formula that got you there.

• Investing your time and/or money in a coach or mentor, or being part of a group that refuses to see you as anything but your best self is priceless.

• Life gives you endless opportunities to start over. It only takes one small step forward, one new and better thought to feel the shift.........

(continuing with an excerpt) So, as I ride the wave of changes I’ve created in my life, here’s what I want to say to anyone out there who’s standing on the edge of making a decision or taking a chance…

Step forward into a place that feels scary, new, and exciting. That’s how you know you’re moving, growing. That’s how you know you’re alive.

Your soul has no use for your comfort zone."

I, Sunrise Sister, believe in just tromping into that place outside your comfort zone! It is so worth it! I am tromping off myself this All Saints' Weekend to a retreat entitled "Honoring our Ancestors." I'll be taking a few photos and anticipating an amazing awakening inspired by another Christine in my life. She too has promised and delivered on steps for taking me out of my own small comfort zone. I look forward to this retreat and, while I'm away, I encourage you to visit both Christine's on their sites. Each and/or one or the other may deliver news to you that you've been yearning to hear all your life.

Thanks for listening - have a blessed All Saints' Weekend - MindSieve will be back on Monday:)

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SS Photo from Santorini, Greece, village of Oio
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  1. SS, I am so delighted I will be seeing you later today. This is a great post about being called to risk and transform. I also love your photos from your recent travels, especially knowing that we walked in some of the same ancient places within days of each other. Love, C

  2. oh, boy... the lump just moved back into my throat... who knows what lies in store for us in the next few days. so glad you are coming along on this retreat... wait... isn't to "retreat" to move backwards? hmmmmm. xoxoxo

    oh and this is very interesting. your code word is "liers"?!?!??!

  3. So much wisdom in this post, I don't know where to start. Enjoy your latest retreat with whatshername.:-)

  4. SS, Can see you clearly "tromping" into the new and the exciting and also the old as we look at how we have come to this place and this time. I am going to think about tromping into something new in these next few weeks. I am with you in love and spirit this weekend. Many blessings....

  5. Tess and Rebecca,

    Thanks so much for your comments. It was truly an amazing retreat of Honoring our Ancestors!