Friday, November 06, 2009

Birds in the Bath

Birds bathingImage via Wikipedia

Crisp autumn days with the sun feeling especially precious and sharp against the cooling temps, sparrows and chickadees
scavenge the yard and the beds for left over pods, grain and freshly raked fescue seeds

The squirrels ignore the doggies' bark from the window as they have work to do also. It's planting time for them of nuts and seeds, treasures they'll never find, but the compulsion to plant is as the gardener to his bulbs

The birdbath has frozen at least once and the sun reflects enough light to expose the now not so clean and definitely
not so warm water resting for the season. The birds stop
by for a drink, for a dip, for an exuberant splash and bath

Inside we shiver watching, projecting it's the polar bear dip day
for birdies. We smile and wonder at their down, their cold feet,
their glistening beaks and wings - at last their vigorous air drying
We vow to change the water today as we expect they'll be back

Photo courtesy Zachary at Wikipedia
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  1. I did change the water yesterday

  2. oh my, you get prolific after a retreat :-) i love it and love this ode to the birdies. xoxo

  3. CP - the birds and I thank you:)

    Lucy - yes, taking oneself away seems to work for my pen and brain coordination, thanks for noticing!


  4. I love to watch birds bathing. They seem to have such fun splashing.

  5. Lisa - We are very amused at ourselves how much we enjoy watching the birds and interacting with them in the small way that humans are allowed. Providing them shelter, some food, and a bath in which to splash is so little in comparison to how much joy they bring in a day.

    THanks, as always, for reading here.