Saturday, November 07, 2009

Changing the masthead

William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare via

Changing the masthead here today at MindSieve is something I haven't spent a lot of time contemplating. Posting on a little William Shakespeare quote earlier this week I found it was really sticking with me. So it's a done deal -

"Nothing comes from doing nothing"
- William Shakespeare

P.S. If you never noticed the Sunrise Sister quote on the "old" masthead, it was - "Busy is not a word or a way to define one's worth".........I still feel strongly about that quote for my life also.
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  1. I'm glad you told us what the old quote was. When people make these changes I can never remember the previous incarnation, despite having lived with it for months!

    I'm curious: are your before and after quotes to some extent contradictory?

  2. How about busy slothfulness? Can anything come of that? I'll run a personal test to find out. Maybe I'll start today, or sometime next week.

  3. Tess, Your curiosity about the contradictory nature of the quotes....
    "busy" the way it is used these days seems to mean totally out of control, as in, "just so busy, I can't catch myself coming or going" "busier than ever in retirement, we're just worn out" ......busy does not work well for me as an excuse for mindless activities that fill one's day.

    On the other hand w/WS quote - I believe that in my time of life that I have an opportunity to contribute to my community, to give back what has so richly been given to me, to develop myself in spiritual, creative, and intellectual endeavors. I don't think that these are "busy" goals, nor that they can be accomplished w/o thoughtful consideration, planning and direction for oneself. With no overall view for me "busy" is just going through the motions.

    Thanks for caring enough to ask

  4. CP -
    I'm not into sloths on this site - it's sluglike performance for which you may be searching!:)))


  5. Tess,

    One more thing about the "busy" stuff. Looking for ways to give back, etc. can certainly produce an overworked calendar that becomes extraordinarily busy but then again I think the benefit (maybe just for me) of being mentally, physically and spiritually active makes my "nothing" into something fulfilling:)

  6. i was sincerely hoping to see a slug in the banner as well :-) he really is a bit of a mascot, you know? xoxo

  7. I'm enjoying the continuing slugs and sloths who are decorating these comments! SS, your explanation makes perfect sense.