Sunday, November 08, 2009

Something little

I have a habit, and maybe you do too, of planning what I think my day is going to "look like" in regard to scheduled meetings, errands to run, writing, cooking, etc. I check off the big pieces and then hope there's some time for little events to fall into place around the big ones. I find that normally works but right now with the big things loosely in my head, maybe I can plan some little things that will make my day and someone else's more pleasant....

1. Remember/reflect on a dream I had last night
2. Fetch newspaper (arf!), remove ad pages, place the comics on top, present to groggy loved one
3. Arrive at church in time to help somebody who needs it - out of their car - and into their pew
4. In church or at home, say a prayer for my enemies, ask that they forgive me
5. Listen to the preacher, I mean listen
6. Listen to God - in church or not - remembering I have to be quiet to listen and hear
7. Say hi to a person I don't know
8. Say hi to a child under 18 years old
9. Smile
10. Smile some more
11. Give thanks and more thanks
12. Give encouragement
13. Read or write a piece of poetry today
14. Enjoy my Sunday

Do you have a something little to do today for yourself or for someone else?
I hope so.

Photo - SS - Dubrovnik, Croatia Cloister Cross


  1. make art :-)
    write a letter
    take a bath
    etc. etc.

    love your list...


  2. I think number two on your list lends itself to a good metaphor for life:

    Always remove the ads and put the comics on top.

    I barely got to church today in time to help MYSELF out of the car, but I did really listen to the preacher.

    I even still remember what he said.

  3. Lucy - your list sounds good for this rainy day. I know you'll listen and I can see the smile:)))Glad to hear the week ahead for you will be a little calmer than the last few - peace and blessing and I sure would like to be in that cottage close to you as well!

    Pollinatrix - Welcome! I like that metaphor that you picked out. I slept too late for the early a.m. paper fetch - the groggy one was me today.

    I did manage to return a book to someone I talked to prior to her taking her seat in the pew.

    I listened to God and the preacher today. Both had quite a lot to say to me.

    I definitely prayed for my enemies and hoped they were praying for me.

    Hi to a new person, accompanied by a smile.

    I could not have had a bigger smile on then when I met 5.5 year old twins, Clara and Tabitha.

    I encouraged and congratulated someone on their first accomplishment to retire, their second to take a little of their savings and take a trip.

    I haven't written any poetry but I am enjoying this Sunday and giving thanks and thanks again for my blogger pals, old and new:)


  4. -Listen to my daughter tell me about how to eat a buffalo chicken wing by removing the bones first, even when I want to be reading the blogs of my friends. (She is smiling as she reads this.)

    This is a delightful spiritual practice SS. I am going to prepare my list for tomorrow!

    Glad to hear that so much of your intentions fit so beautifully into your day.