Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The throat thing

No, I'm not referring to that scratch in the back of your throat that you're praying is NOT the flu, or a sore throat, or a cold coming on (heaven forbid!) but that welling at the Lessons and Carols event as the choir surpassed your expectations, or at the Children's Pageant where the rowdiest of the rowdies were coaxed into costumes and managed to look heavenly, or at the children building "Hansel and Gretel" houses -not to be confused with gingerbread houses- this morning at the YWCA - THAT'S the welling of which I speak now and last week in another post.

In response to that last week's post of poignant events and life's tragedies that we face at this time of supposed happiness in our lives, I received some wonderful comments. One now I share with you from a blogger friend, whom I'm hopeful will rejoice in my sharing it with you -

"......welling in the throat and the water in the eyes, this is just the spirit growing too large to be contained."

I believe that to be so although I had never thought of it in those words. May your welling and water be those of joy this season and may God's Holy Spirit comfort you if those wellings and waters come from a tragedy of your own or from the tragedy of others.

Photo Sunrise Sister - Hansel and Gretel houses are constructed with a graham cracker base rather than gingerbread:)


  1. Anonymous5:49 AM

    SS, I am deeply honored at being called "a blogger FRIEND", Thank you, a wonderful gift this advent.
    I am also honored that you would think a comment of mine worthy of sharing. Thank you again.

  2. Great quote. Thank you and Bruno.

    (And I get that "throat thing" quite a bit this time of year.

  3. B - and why wouldn't you be called a blogger friend?!:) Your comments are often worth sharing, not always in writing online, but in conversation or reflection.

    M - good to see you here today and find that "many" of us get the "throat thing" during this blessed holiday season.

  4. You may try this herbal candy, which is pretty popular in asia~~
    It works well on my sore throat!

  5. Hi SS, this is weird, but, I was trying to leave a comment from today's post but there was no comment link at the bottom. How odd....

    Any way, thanks for drawing us all back to the awareness of our souls during this beautiful season. And maybe even more importantly, of all of the souls that are all around us. I hope that mine is bumping up against yours today!


  6. oh, the welling... bruno's quote is fabulous.

    re: your last paragraph - my wellings (& spillings over) have been a powerful mix of both joy and sorrow this season. thanks for offering us this place to consider what's happening as our throats tighten and our eyes fill!