Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is your soul in the crowd?

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Are you one of the passengers in an over-packed midtown holiday subway? Office workers, turned shoppers on the way home, mooshing, crunching, disagreeably bumping against each other. Standing so close to one another, cushioned by briefcases, warm coats, a Bloomingdale's shopping bag or two, earbuds pulsing music guaranteeing the separation and the ever so slim chance of inadvertent recognition of any other human beings present. Are you standing in that crowd?

Breathing the same air, hearing the same irritating noises, volumes too high thump, thumping, and bleating the high c's, cellphone conversations too intimate for company, all the while using trick filters to avoid eye contact or facial expression. Truly not seeing one another? Your earbuds, perhaps?

The souls, how about the souls, where are they? Do they feel crowded? Are they there in the space, standing in the bags, bumpering the turn of the car, standing on shoulders and chatting with one another. Do they touch each other and live in peace in spite of the filters of boredom and disinterest displayed on their occupants' faces? Do they wonder at the humans' refusal to join in the celebration they share with their fellow souls?

As the doors zoom open, and the crushing crowds clamor on to the platform, intent on their individual destinations, do the souls high-five and wave good-bye all the while wishing each other Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Shalom? Are there souls left on the platform or on the train by accident, what a shame if they are. Though not for a second or even a moment, should one fear; no matter the disguise, the outward appearance, ethnic persuasion, or social milieu, the soul knows its body and will follow it home - more faithful than a puppy, more diligently, accurately, targeting one's whereabouts than a GPS, all the while, patiently waiting for recognition.

Will this be the year you recognize the joy that wants to be celebrated by your soul? May it be so - let the souls rejoice and sing so loud they can't be ignored - Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Shalom!
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