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Last week my spouse and I had the pleasure of sharing a glass of wine and conversation with a young, yet seasoned, artist that we've known casually in social settings for several years.  Viewing Squire's work from afar for a while, we recently decided it time to add one of his pieces to favorites in our collection of art.  Having viewed (online) an exhibit at the Catherine Person Gallery in Seattle, we made the buy.

When the painting's delivery was made by the artist and his wife Thursday evening, we had the opportunity to learn more about his work, aspirations, and journey over the years as a professional artist.  We also had the good fortune to hear first hand from his beautiful wife how it is to be married to an artist passionate in his craft, as well as his being a dedicated husband and father - a man she clearly believes has been called to create.  The story was a love story of both a man and a woman and of that man's quest to fulfill his calling.

For me that was a lovely story in and of itself - a great evening, handsome couple, passionate artist traveling the globe to widen his art spectrum; but other connections were forming as we chatted together.  We discussed some of our favorite artists and we heard the name of other artists and mediums, along with the name of a NY Gallery of which we were unfamiliar.  After the evening was complete and we'd said our goodbyes (the new painting on the wall) I decided I would google a little bit about our conversation topics.

The connections began morphing in my head as I looked up artist Makoto Fujimura, nihonga technique, and Dillon Gallery - names and places we thought we'd never seen or heard of before (although Fujimura's name was familiar);I found it fascinating to discover and learn more about the  artist, his medium and other nihonga artists.  After studying them briefly, I made a couple of notes in an art notebook and thought that was that for the time being anyway; filed them away in a recess of my mind.

However, last night while visiting Seedlings in Stone, a blogsite that I regularly visit, lo and behold in the right hand column of that site, where it must have been for some time, sat a couple of the same references - Fujimura, Dillon Gallery.  I was eager to share this with the blogsite owner, L.L. Barkat (author -  Stone Crossings) and then decided to just let you all in on the list of little coinciding events.
Synchronicity, small world, awareness, interest - what brings seemingly unrelated places, times, and subjects together? My mind cannot help but wonder and whirl about these happenings as I begin to read yet another book on my Kindle that speaks of retraining one's mind to make new connections, to continue to grow, to continue to heal brain functions as one's situation in life changes and as age begins to take its toll.  The book's title is "Mindsight" by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

I find these connections absolutely fascinating and believe that when one seeks a particular subject and allows one's mind to form around new ideas in relation to personalities, artwork, literature, spirituality,  a Presence greater than our own, etc., how these topics begin not to clutter the mind but to bring subjects into clearer focus.  I believe that in search of literature, spirituality, etc. that the forces within which we swim every day as human beings, presents us with overwhelming evidence and confidence that answers are there for the asking and for the expansion of our own true calling in life.

So do you find your life peppered with synchronicity?  Do you find unexpected answers or expansions to the subjects that fill your mind daily?  Anything in particular?  I'd love to hear about your experiences! I never tire of the topic.
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  1. As soon as I read Fujimura's name, I wondered whether you knew of his association with IAM and Laura et al. I have a link on my site as well.

    A number of my blogging buddies and I have these little moments you describe all the time. Recently, totally independent of each other, we wrote about the same subject on the same day, with our posts going out at almost the same time. We've grown rather close, though we've never met.

  2. synchronicity? where do i begin? this past week was filled with new discoveries and overlaps. as i prepared for my workshop(s) on self-care, i had a client recommend a book to me. her words "this is what you do and teach," re: trauma stewardship (i.e. care of self while working with trauma). next another friend mentioned a workshop and i knew i needed to go. it was daniel siegel (who you are now reading and i haven't yet begun). he is mentioned in the book "trauma stewardship." they both were incorporated into my talk and i finally had to put the breaks on because the flow of synchronicity almost became too much.

    i also just spoke with my son and he is having his own bouts of synchronicity with the things he is reading while "discovering and connecting with a source greater than i." (his words) xoxoxo

    can't wait to see the squire... not sure if your new addition was linked here or not?

  3. Maureen,

    Oh yes, the synchronicity reigns freely in my life and yet I always marvel at it. Lucy and I often write about the same subjects unaware that the other is on that track at the time.

    And, no, I didn't realize Fujimura's IAM connection, etc. until I had the occasion to visit with my artist friend about him. Apparently F was in our hometown sometime in the last 6 months(?). F has quite an impressive slate of interests and accomplishments.

    THanks for your comments.

  4. Hi Lucy,

    Oh yes, the synchronicity just pours in sometimes, you and I know that from our experiences with it.


  5. Thanks much for your thoughts on synchronicity. I experience it lots and have come to think of it as a cosmic "attagirl"--a kind of confirmation that I'm following the invitations that the Spirit is offering along my path. My sweetheart says that synchronicity is God winking at us.

    And, yes, love Makoto Fujimura's amazing work. Thanks for introducing me to Squire Broel. I'm sure that now that he's entered my consciousness, his work will be popping up again on my path soon!

    Thanks again, and have a wondrous time in Maui!

  6. Hi Jan -

    I believe that the synchronicity does exactly as you say - reaffirms our faith, our action, our striving. The God "winking" at us - is a beautiful line! I hope that SBroel does come from some unexpected place and tap you. We enjoy his work very much and wish him success. Thanks as always for your comments!