Monday, February 01, 2010

Astounded anyone?

Baby SmileImage by Mark Cariaga via Flickr
What astounds us these days?  Anything, something, nothing?  How about the weather?  Seems by now we should be used to the changing air, sky, and earth conditions but still we chat of the weather  regularly as though it's some profoundly amazing subject.  Amazing or common?  The weather is internationally reported - its changes, global warming.....are you old enough to remember when there was no "Weather Channel"?  I remember the first time I heard a friend declare that the WC was his favorite channel!  The weather and its conversational value - boring, mundane but perhaps astounding for more than one reason.

The news - murders, accidents, embezzlers - both on large and small scale, haven't they always been with us?  Yet we're still astounded at their seeming frequency, shaking our heads and muttering "what were they thinking?" Or have we become hardened to the more gruesome happenings of our day and think them not astounding at all? 

Perhaps we've developed protective shells that serve to shelter against that which is astounding.  Peeking out of those shells purposefully or by accident, we may perchance be tempted by the coo or smile of a passing baby, the wonder of caressing smooth, velvety dog's ears, a kitten's purr, or by glimpsing two persons who though seeing each other nearly every day for 25-40 even 60 years, glow in the sight of one another's faces.  These glimpses of life might be and I think can be considered astounding.

Commonplace, every day - the every day where we live?  What places or times can we find creation, civilization, or spirituality touching our lives in new astounding ways?  Maybe we can't or don't - maybe we could if we listened, paid heed, and intentionally noticed the miracle of life all around us every moment - so a guided exercise:).......take a deep breath - give thanks for that breath, feel that heartbeat, imagine all the parts of your body that are coordinated in order for you to be reading this post............astounding!

This post may seem irrelevant to you at this moment - remember - ASTOUNDING this evening and tomorrow;  you may find yourself surprised.  I'd love to hear from you if this word resounds for you in a new and different way in the next 24 hours.

Image by Mark Cariaga via Flickr
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  1. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Very nice post!
    For me, the more I am amazed and astounded by the simple (though really not simple) things, the more I shed the god of the O's and accept the God that IS.
    Thank you for a wonderful "exercise"

  2. My husband is forever saying, "I'm surprised that you're surprised." A lot continues to astound me, especially creativity, which is in abundance everyone if we look for it.

  3. hmmmm. i'll ponder this over the next few days although my first thought is that i find ALOT of things astounding - from the sunrise, to the moisture on the grass, to bundled up babies and my legs that continue to carry me from place to place, and on and on and on. astounding!!! xoxo

  4. Hey Bruno - you're a good guy to read my posts, tx.

    Maureen - I know what you mean, synchronicity is something to be aware of and then just enjoy the surprise every time!

    Lucy, I knew you would pipe in with "our" favorite things. It's just too good sometimes not to pinch ourselves and realize how fortunate we are to recognize what's around us!

    Thank you all for your comments - luv gettin' em!

  5. Are these images off to the right yours? I find them ASTOUNDINGLY beautiful!

  6. Hi Diane,

    Yes they are mine and thank you!


  7. This reminds me of Wendell Berry's statement that either all life is a miracle, or nothing is.

  8. Pollinatrix - thanks for the quote from WB - that's going right into my favorite quotes book! I so agree with him.