Friday, January 22, 2010

Life's Canvas

Henri Matisse, Beasts of the Sea, 1950, paper ...Image via Wikipedia

My life the canvas, my mind the brush
With the tools at hand
How creative, surprised or disappointed will I be today

Will there be only scratches on the surface
Or canvas glued to canvas
With colors calling others to join them

Will the collage be small, compact, tight
Or will it spread, magnify, stream into
The beauty of a sunrise

Will the last strokes capture
The calming, yet exhilarating beauty of the
Sun slipping into the night horizon

Will the creation relax, quiet, slumber
Coming together in the night
In peaceful preparation for dawn's fresh surface
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Photo - Matisse "Beasts of the Sea" 1950 Collage/The National Gallery


  1. A reflection as lovely as your collage work.

  2. whatever "it" does, i imagine it will be magnificent. xoxo

  3. I too love collage...and it's one of the most meditative 'be here now' practices I know. Thank you for this poem of subtle beauty.

    And thank you for visiting the Virtual Tea House and sharing some of what you're learning. I loved it!

  4. I've been experiencing something similar to writer's block with collage lately. I have several in the back of my mind that want to get made, but I just don't have the inspiration. It'll come back, I'm sure.