Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Weightiness

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Yesterday in preparation for and then discussion in a spiritual formation group, I came upon this quote from John Woolman (a Quaker leader of the 18th Century):

"But where people are sincerely devoted to follow Christ and dwell under the influence of his Holy Spirit, their stability and firmness through a divine blessing is at times like dew on the tender plants round about them, and the weightiness of their spirits secretly works on the minds of others."

Does the quote touch you in any way, some way, no way? Does the weightiness of your spirit secretly work on the minds of others or vice versa, does the weightiness of another's spirit secretly work on your mind?

I would say that whether we like it or intend it or not, our spirits do weigh on one another. The question I ponder now is - would I consider my spirit one that I would be happy to see coming my way? Would my spirit tell a friend or a stranger that I dwell under the influence of the Holy Spirit or would my spirit say that I'm out for myself and to heck with the rest of you, every man for himself, you're not my responsibility, you made your own deal with the devil, it's your problem now, not mine?

Does the weightiness of your spirit secretly work on someone else's mind? Is that a good thing? Do you wonder?

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  1. Thought-provoking post this morning. What immediately comes to mind is the weightiness of the spirit of the Haitians who, despite everything, can still smile for a picture, can still sing a hymn in the quiet hours, can still believe. And I think of the spirits of the dead among them, and how weighty their spirits must be, and that weighs heavy on me, that they are buried without goodbyes.

  2. believe it or not, i wrote my post this morning prior to reading this. my answer? - yes - i believe our weightiness transfers from one to another. i also don't believe that "weight" must always be "heavy."

    also, i really don't like "good thing" kinds of questions... they lead me to think there must be a "right" or "wrong" answer. :-) xoxoxo

  3. I got chills from this quote. Thank you.

    Yes, I do feel that weightiness to my spirit, and more and more I know that it does affect others in ways of blessing. My faith with that is growing in a beautiful way right now.

    Yours and lucy's posts definitely do interlace today in a very poignant way. I'm reminded of a Catholic chapel in Baton Rouge that I used to visit occasionally, where there was an order of nuns who prayed around the clock. There was always at least one in there praying and the chapel was open 24 hours.

    These are the kind of people who are most changing the world with the least amount of credit and understanding.

  4. Maureen - yes, the weightiness is as in very heavy when you speak of their being buried with no ceremony or honor. I think this is extraordinarily cruel for them to endure. Tx for reading!

  5. Lucy - well, why would I even think about being surprised that you would be thinking along similar lines as I??? I read your post this afternoon and commented as you'll see.

    AND, I totally agree that weightiness is not all about heavy and burdensome - for me it's also about the awesomeness that surrounds us when we think of the clouds of angels and witnesses who surround and support us, our family's prayers, our ancestors' actions - no, not heavy wearing us down but myriad, holding us up. Right and wrong? Wow, we're sort of silly to categorize using those labels.


  6. Polli - persons praying at every hour are such blessings to our world. When I "take over" with my meager offerings from time to time, it makes me smile and think of "taking cuts in line" to begin.....

    Thanks for your comments and congrats on your new website!

  7. Dear one--
    Like you, I don't think we can not impact each other. Your call to being ever more conscious of this, and praying without cease to be the salt that leavens others' bread...thank you for that. Thank you.