Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poetry Challenge - why not?

Cover of "Outlander"Cover of Outlander

Yesterday over at Seedlings in Stone, I found the following poetry prompt and decided to step up for the challenge.

Random Acts of Poetry Prompt:
Choose a character from a book-children's grownup's, matters not. Write a poem to, from, or just about the character. Post it by Thursday evening, January 28th, for links and possible feature at High Calling Blogs.

Having just completed an intriguing novel, OUTLANDER by author, Diana Gabaldon, I chose the heroine, Claire, who out of curiosity and sheer chance is drawn through time travel from her 1945 life in post-war England into the Scottish countryside of 1745. OUTLANDER's heroine and its host of characters run the gamut of human emotion and factual history. Herein lies Claire's tale in verse.

Bravery, curiosity, stupidity, chance
Did you measure those issues
As you stepped in the dance

Taunted, sucked bodily into the past
Your reality, your insanity....
In what state were you last

Did you yearn to return
To where, to whom
To your past, to your present
To true love or to doom

Was it fantasy, a dream
A year or a day
Were you happy or sad
In some disarray

Forseeing war coming
Did you warn those you loved
Were you sure you'd escape
Or be doomed by your love

You slipped from the ring
Your womb full and strong
But its 20 years hence
For what do you long

A taste of sweet kiss
A peak through the glass
A chance for your daughter
To glimpse your lost chance

Her father, your lover
A brave heart so true
He fought for your life
And he saved her life too

Do you show her the way
And invite her to fly
Is your fear for her real
Or your own death to die

I've now selected novel #2 in the OUTLANDER series entitled DRAGONFLY IN AMBER. The last couple of lines of my poetry reflect the beginnings of another great read!

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  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    You are brave to do this poetry thing! I dabble, but have not quite dove in to L.L.'s poetry challenge. However, I am moving there in very small stages.
    BTW, I love stories about time travel. Is this a chick-book, or would a guy like it too?

  2. Hi shrink - the poetry thing was fun and wow, this one just poured out for some reason. I'd say it's on the same lines of time travel as in the novel "The Time Traveler's Wife" and I sort of viewed that as a chick-book. Gabaldon is a fine storyteller but since its told from the female protagonist's point of view, I'd say a woman might enjoy reading it more than a guy.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.