Monday, February 22, 2010

Any gold at your house?

One day in the last few after an hour of beachcombing,  the gorgeous rainbow  I've included here (yes, we did get a little wet on the beach from the rain) appeared; my spouse noted that the rainbow had hit smack-dab in the middle of a condo right down from ours.  He wondered aloud if those folks could see their place as the pot or when they looked out or would they see the end of the rainbow at someone else's front door?

Mightn't that be the way of our everyday lives; seeing the rainbow and pot of gold at someone else's door and not seeing that its presence surrounds our own selves; i.e., the neighbors have all the luck, I've never won anything, they seem to be blessed with good fortune, good health, great jobs, good hair - only kidding about the good hair - but you get the point.

I think taking a real look every day for the treasure in my life, I'll find that the pot of gold does reside in my house and in the houses of my neighbors and in the whole lives of all creatures great and small that've been given water to drink, air to breathe, resources for survival.  I think discovery and enjoyment of hidden treasures might be as simple as practicing daily scripture reading, prayer, and reflection, even inhaling and exhaling those huge bellows' breaths that many of us  practice in  our yoga classes.  Those moments are rich with sharing, with life, with faith that says I'm living in a pot of gold.

How about you - any gold at your house these days?  No, your fool's gold doesn't count - I mean real gold!

P.S. The words below were the 3rd verse of a hymn we sung yesterday at the installation of a new Rector's service and the inclusion of a growing Maui parish into full parishhood of the Episcopal Church in Hawaii. Congratulations to Holy Innocents of Maui......

Gospel Hymn "I Sing the Almighty Power of God, V3.   "There's not a plant or flower below but makes thy glories known; and clouds arise, and tempests blow, by order from thy throne; while all that borrows life from thee is ever in thy care, and everywhere that I could be, thou, God, art present there."
Words: Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

Photo Sunrise Sister - Maui Rainbow


  1. because....there will your heart be also!

    Many thanks for this!

  2. Hi Beth -

    thanks for the comment - see you at the Abbey for today's scripture reading.

  3. I wonder if some treasures are hidden initially so that we appreciate them more once we discover them. I listened this morning to a talk by a young women born with what anyone would call a disability but that she has learned to call an opportunity to self-empowerment because her doctor called her strong. We can miss so much when we don't stop to really see.

  4. M - I think you might be right about our discoveries - they often come when least expected. At times when we're more "ready" to receive.

    Self-empowerment is an amazing gift that is often tipped into action by an unsuspecting person such as your "young woman's doctor." We never know how a word of encouragement from us can be important enough to change a life. Thanks for your comment and sharing.

  5. This is making me ask myself - what has been my treasure today? And the answer is a simple but important thing, one that's easy to take for granted - a warm house to shelter me from the snow.

  6. my pot of gold comes in the furry purring very golden variety. he is a daily remind of what it means to cherish the moment - soft, content, leaping and sometimes with claws out - but each one pure GOLD!

    and, oh that rainbow?!?!? i can hardly stand it... plus the beachcombing. i have a feeling i know where you were. feeling a little more green than gold at the moment :-) xoxoxo

  7. Pollinatrix - Warm house a plus in the snow that just keeps on givin' this year! Thanks for commenting:)

    Lucy - that lucky Aslan, I know he's certain he's found his pot of gold with all of you loving him so!

    You're right as rain on the rainbow and the beach - it was wet again and the glass was fair. Creighton's stony path still didn't show us its face and we walked a looooonnnnnnggggg way:) Missed you a lot on that walk!


  8. I like to think of a whole interlocking web of rainbows, with pots of gold at both ends of each and every one.

  9. Tess, I love your image of a rainbow network:)