Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday food lovers - who knew?

Yesterday, blogging on the serious subject of Lent; how it was beginning for me - slowly, and with some caution about the journey ahead - I found many other bloggers seemingly in the same state of mind. With less than a plethora of commenters, I did receive an intriguing question from a blogger new to me, Ann Kroeker Writer, regarding her wondering if perhaps Jesus had some of the thoughts or feelings that I had expressed in my post.  I responded to Ann and went over to take a look at her site and to take her Food on Fridays challenge even though my post won't appear until Saturday. You might want to take a look at Ann's site and profile - very nice.

So, Food on Fridays, my spouse and I are vacationing on Maui and the food experiences have been delish - often menu selections built around varieties of seafood.  We always look forward to what's new in food on Maui.  This year for me, what's new on Maui is NOT new to Maui but new for me - fish tacos on many menus - often luncheon menus.  I've ordered this entree at four different restaurants  and have not been disappointed even once.  Two of the four were served already assembled in soft flour tortillas, the fish Mahi Mahi - one with sour cream, lettuce and avocado, another with cabbage and a hot spicy red sauce.  One day the tortilla was crisp and piled high with lettuce, hot salsa and melted cheddar cheese.  Today I couldn't resist one more time and the plate arrived beautifully plated in a colorful palette of black beans, yellow spanish rice, delicious Ebbe - an Hawaiian fish not regularly served in other states but just yummy.  The flour tortillas were folded neatly to facilitate my own assembly and the topping was a spicy flavorful red tinged salsa.  I hope your mouths are watering as mine is even as I think of that dish again this evening - by the way, there was no more food consumed today after the delicious lunch - ah well, I did have one of the dark chocolate, hand-made truffles that my spouse gave me on Valentine's Day but the rest of the evening was a fast:)

I don't know that we eat any lighter during Lent than we do the rest of the year but the lighter the better for me.  I really would choose to do a larger meal at lunch and a snack for dinner but it's a habit that I've never worked to develop........maybe we'll give that a go when we return from Maui. 
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  1. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Fish tacos are wonderful aren't they.
    For lent I usually switch to my favorite, potato tacos. It feels strange to have one of my favorite foods for lent.
    Lent for me this year is a slow and strange proposition. I am usually able to jump right in (in reality I usually look forward to lent) but this year the world appears to be coming at me full force.
    Maybe this year is calling for a different discipline. we will see.

  2. Hi B - I think I ate them once years ago and was very disappointed, probably with the quality of the fish but here on Maui I just can't resist ordering them "again." Delish!

    I hear you on the stepping full force into Lent. I'm definitely not avoiding it yet I keep wanting the "grand connection".....if I sit long enough in my prayer time and writing, I do calm down into some peace and connection but I think I'm still in the baby steps of Lent and I'm wanting to run!

    Thanks as always for your comments! xo

  3. Nice blog glad I stopped by,I will be back...your art is wonderful are they paintings ?

  4. Joy - Welcome to MindSieve.

    The red paintings are mixed media/acrylic/collage.

    COme back soon....I see you are an artist also.

  5. so delighted you have finally discovered fish tacos... who knew you were missing out on that wonderful delicacy all these years?!?!? they're some of my favorites, so can't wait to have you to seattle for some more taste testing. xoxox

  6. Can you believe me and the fish tacos?! I love those things - almost afraid to order them again though because they've been so delicious! xo