Friday, February 12, 2010

Prayer for Release

As I journaled this a.m. I prayed for release.  "Release from what?!" you might ask - "You're on Maui for heavens sake!"  Well, we've been here alone, spouse and I, for about 9 days - most of the time we agree on the activities for the day, the evening, when to sleep and to eat.....but a new dynamic arrived last evening - and that was my sister, brother-in-law and two teens.  My spouse's sister and brother-in-law will arrive this evening so things will become a little more complicated.

Don't get me wrong, these visitors/family are the easiest to entertain or to just BE with of any people I know.  The release for me is that I let go of my compulsion to control - relax, release.  Relax, release, enjoy these precious moments with many of those that I hold dearest in my life.  There does have to be some planning, like food but mostly I need to remember that I am not personally responsible for their having a good time.  They would not have me fret over any detail, whether or not we snorkel, or dine out, or drive to a far beach.  The teens will enjoy, they will have fun in ways I could never imagine.  We all will have fun and the laughter and the joy of our love will convince me once more that release, release, release of control is freeing:))  I must remember above all to SAVOR the joy of this family I love and treasure!


  1. You might try stating as an intention, in present tense, and say it quietly to yourself, at least three times. It can be a helpful unwinder:

    I am relaxing and releasing.
    I relax and release.

    When I am relaxing and releasing, I am enjoying the moment.
    I relax and release and enjoy the moment.

    When I am enjoying the moment, I am joyful and peaceful.
    I enjoy the moment and am joyful and peaceful.

  2. Hi Maureen -

    You took me toooo seriously:) Poking fun at myself really for being such a control freak. We all had a fabulous day and all of us "controllers" relaxed and just let it all happen:)

    Hope the snow in D.C. is cleared and gone. We heard today, here on Maui, yes, we do get the news here:).....that a foot of snow in Dallas fell yesterday - yikes - and people still insist there's no climate change??


  3. i'm certainly SAVORING every moment... rain, sun, laughter, loss, recovery, margarita martinis, creme brulee, smiles... PERFECTION!!