Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blogger Prayer

As I clicked on and read through some of my favorite blogsites* yesterday, I was as usual amazed at the inspiring content touching my mind and soul.  Today was no exception for that richness to fill me and  to spill out  on to my journal pages.   I offer this prayer in thanksgiving to those writers  who often inspire me -

To reach internal corners of my mind and soul 
Places seemingly unimportant
Hidden, unknown, unrecognized, unchallenged
Known to you alone 
While prayerfully pondering both realistic and unrealistic expectations for myself, 
Help me to search out and expose my totally unrealistic fear of inability
Trusting in you, 
as I strive to overcome logic with possibility

*my favorite blogsites are listed in the right hand column of my home page


  1. Thank you for this bit of loveliness.

  2. This is very helpful to me today. Thank you.

    As I find my life fuller and more fulfilling, I also find that fear of inability challenged. I should tape this prayer to my forehead or something.

  3. whether you know it or not, this prayer has a definite celtic feel to it. the celts were fabulous about bringing the here and now into their blessings & prayers. i indeed feel blessed after reading this. xooxox