Saturday, February 06, 2010

Turtle Time

snorkel maui turtle-jun07-4Image by Mike Rodriquez via Flickr
This a.m. at Lucy Creates! I read a beautiful piece of poetry by author, Judy Brown, entitled "Trough" - I encourage you to read it.  The poetry reflected on the mystery of water and brought to mind an experience I had yesterday with a Maui turtle.

Snorkeling off Kapalua Bay Beach on Maui and  having thoroughly enjoyed the time I was in the water,  I decided to head back in from fish viewing for a while.  Swimming or I should say floating in saltwater is the easiest place anyone would ever want to "experience" the water as there's a natural bouyance that one cannot find in fresh water.  (It took my spouse about 15 years to convince me of that fact.)  Soooo, I just paddled a teeny bit with my flippers and let the waves carry me toward the shore.  My idle plan was to float over any rocks that popped up unexpectantly and cruise into a nice soft, sandy landing.  

As I relaxed and drifted, expecting nothing more than to be caressed and deposited on the shore by the rhythmic waves, I found an unexpected treat almost at my fingertips - a massive green turtle was feeding on the small rocks close to the shoreline.  He was certainly aware of my presence but went about his business and other than my heart beating loudly and a silly smile trapped inside of  my  snorkel mask apparatus, I tried to remain still in order to view him for a while.  I couldn't resist though as my ears came above the water a bit, I could hear people shouting - "there's a turtle, where, where?"  Only for one second did I hesitate to raise my arm above the water and point to my aquatic pal's location.  He swam around as if he was a wind-up turtle for the tourists' pleasure and indeed  many, many smiling faces came out of the water beside and right after me!

As I read Lucy's post and reflected upon the influence of water in our lives, drinking, bathing, swimming, sailing, etc. my "water experience" focused me on this.  I was floating, I was enjoying the embrace of a miracle of life, the water, the fish, the sunlight - expecting nothing more than acceptance of my thanksgiving.  Was it a bonus I received?  An act of nature? A synchronistic happening with me and the turtle - maybe more.  For a second I thought of not sharing my good siting, keeping it only for myself rather than lose the moment.  But that was only a second as I wanted to share the goodness and the thrill of my discovery, my smile with those around me.  It was almost as much fun to see the happy faces laughing and exclaiming as they returned to the beach as it was to spot the turtle!

Isn't life like that for you sometimes or maybe all of the time?  The sharing of one's gifts, the sharing of the Good News, the sharing of love and relationship?  It's such a good thing why don't we do it more often?  Maybe today's the day you and I will share something more important than a turtle siting....but perhaps during or after that sharing, we'll both think of the hard-shelled creature that inspired me yesterday and smile:)

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  1. What a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    I have a huge crush on turtles and always have. They are some of my very favorite creatures; I can just watch them for hours.

    Your experience reminds me of a time I was staying at a friend's house in the country, and went out in the little rowboat on their pond early in the morning alone. As I was absentmindedly drifting my hand through the water, a fish swam into my hand and just stayed there for a minute. It was amazing, so unexpected, and I'm convinced it happened because of how relaxed I was.

  2. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Thanks for sharing this moment. This afternoon a new friend shared her life with me - another blessing. They are all around us! Can just picture you in the healing waters...Love, JG

  3. Ah, c'mon. That was my turtle.

  4. Dear Pollinatrix - that's a great story about the fish! You must have had that same stunned feeling as I did, wishing not to breathe but wanting to shout - hey look!!!

    Hi JG - xoxoxso glad to see you here:)

    AND CP - you were still wandering around looking for an octopus while we closer in were cavorting with said turtle. I guess you wouldn't have "shared" YOUR turtle?? xoxo

  5. whoever's turtle it is, i hope he decides to stick around for a visit next week. i'm trying not to have raised expectations, knowing that however we float through the coming days will be exactly as they need to be.

    the sharing of gifts, laughter, joys IS the good news, don't ya think? i heard a great quote today on by jean vanier in a speaking of faith podcast: "You see, the big thing for me is to love reality and not live in the imagination, not live in what could have been or what should have been or what can be, and somewhere, to love reality and then discover that God is present." xoxxo

  6. I enjoyed this post and lucy's comment above.

    Here in DC the excitement was about Tai Shan's departure for China. People just love that panda and were crying when he was loaded into a crate at National Zoo and flew away on the Panda Express. Quite a moment that was.

    Being present to what is offered us at whatever moment we are in brings great joy, and for that I am thankful.