Sunday, February 07, 2010

TWITTER - I don't get it

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O.k., I'm way under the learning curve on the subject of Twitter......

I have an account - whoopee!  So now what?

I can post my writing efforts there by just clicking on the icon but so what?  Do I have to have a ready-made audience who'll read, retweet, or what?

I don't know - I just don't get it!
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  1. Well you knew I wouldn't be able to resist commending on this, right?

    No, you don't have a ready-made audience, but you can get one fairly quickly by following other people - they'll follow you back. I also didn't get it at first and I've been lax in my Tweeting lately. But just this morning tweets by other people brought me to a new (to me) musician called Annie Weber and her album "She's Acapella, Hymns", and some words of wisdom by Thich Nhat Hanh ( Also a new cooking blog.

    I wrote a post about Twitter early last year that you may be interested in -

    Meanwhile, what's your Twitter name?

  2. I don't get it either, This blog thing is a bit of a stretch, sometimes I want to go paint images on a cave wall somewhere. But that is not where we live, but I will leave the tweeting up to you. That is technology I will admit, I may be too old for.

  3. I didn't think I get it or want to do it but I do and I do.

    I'm doing Twitter poetry jams that are a blast (our results are on a site we created,, participating in Blog Carnivals that attract attention via Twitter, find articles I never would have come across any other way, use it to promote my business, and have new readers for my blog.

    I'll "friend" you on Twitter.

    People who follow you do RT your tweets, either all or some. You do not need to follow everyone who follows you. I'm careful about that.

    My Twitter name is my last name:

  4. I just don't get it either. I would need to hire an assistant with 'tweet' experience in order to find time to do it. As it is now, I need to budget time. Facebook, myspace, twitter are sucking time away from more important things in spending time with friends, family....and painting....and a nice long walk in the woods.

    (tweet) I am reading an excellent book.

    There I tweeted.

  5. oh my... i can't believe you're in maui and now deciding to tweet? i won't say our favorite response of "I'll never...", but for now i can be of no help on the twitter front. i haven't decided to jump down that rabbit hole just yet, but i will anxiously await seeing how it goes for you.

    maureen - i have to admit you are the one person who makes it sound like something i might enjoy...

  6. No tweets for me. I took a brief shot at it and decided it was not worth much.
    The Curmudgeon

  7. Tess, I'll have to go back to your post - Might have skimmed over it the first time as I just haven't been interested enough to even take a look. It seems such a phenom-:)

    SSMind is my Twitter name:)

  8. Hi Bruno - I may be in the "too old" category as well:)

    and CP - I know, I know, you're a curmudgeon!

    It's amazing I hang around with you two - you both come up with ideas and articles that get my blood boiling!:) CP - you have to look at Bru's latest with Jesus in an American Flag!!! Argh!


  9. Hi Maureen,
    Thanks for the comments. I've seen your copious tweets and still, I'm going to have observe a little more to get the hang of it. For example, if I am crazy about a WWP or a Billy post, I see that on your sites I can click the twitter icon and say something. Is that a tweet or a retweet?

  10. Hey Zappha - I agree that these activities can all be time stealers. I'm reading 4 good books, blogging, and am on vacation so I've got some good napping, exercising, and mind expansion activities going on here. I don't think twitter is going to find me talking about flossing my teeth but I'm curious why it's such a social phenomenon. Thanks for stopping - now get back to whatever!!!:))


  11. Hi Lucy,

    I'm just so curious now that I hear Diane Rehm and Scott Simon on NPR say you can reach us on Twitter - I mean, what's up with that? We'll see.

    Anyway, lovely day in paradise, church/two mile walk/light lunch/light nap/whale watching/blue sky/breeze - snorkeling on the calendar for tomorrow a.m. - a lovely way to anticipate a Monday:)


  12. I have avoided Twitter thus far. I have a Facebook, but I don't use it. I used to adore MySpace, and still would - but all my friends have moved to bland, boring, gossipy Facebook.

    Until I started a blog, I spent very little time online; now I spend a lot. I just don't think I need to add to that with a whole new online world. And yet, what Maureen says IS inspiring, and I can't help but feel like I'm missing something.

    But that's life in a culture with too many choices, I suppose.