Monday, April 19, 2010

In the Breath

In the blink of my eyes
In the breath that I've drawn
What have I missed

Each sacred second
Too numerous to comprehend
But too regular to be denied

In God's time, the moments remain
Uncounted in my memory
But present nevertheless

This a.m. beginning an Easter Season E-Course, presented by Abbey of the Arts , with reading of the wind, the breath, etc. I resurrected this poem I wrote in my journal last week....


  1. Yummm lovely poem Dianna, thank you.

  2. I really like the last verse especially, the spaciousness of it.

  3. Katherine - thank you:)

    Tess - yes, the last verse really is a statement of God's majesty and mystery to me.

    Tx to you both for tunin' in:)


  4. Yes indeed! The breath, the moment - this is where I'm learning to live.