Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Wind Calls

Where will God's breath take me today
Will it be a breeze, a brisk wind
Chilling or warming my soul

Will the breeze court me
Will I follow as entreated
Will I shiver or will I warm to its call
Resting in the current or refusing to fly

Is it in my power to affect my 
own temperature, my own sail's call
Will I feel the air and arrogantly ignore its invitation

Its invitation to turn, to be redeemed
To be lifted
To experience Resurrection

SS Poetry/Photo, Inspiration - Abbey of the Arts E-Course, Landscape and View by God


  1. Your beautiful poetry of today and yesterday helped bring me back to my own moments of presence with the wind and breath - if only for a moment :-) thank you. xooxo

  2. beautiful! I am linking today . . .

  3. Hi L and C, Always love hearing from you two. The wind has certainly been actively pursuing me this week. The flute has been feeling breath in its body this week after feeling deserted I suspect:) and I actually attending a memorial service at a local coffee shop on Monday evening for a our community friend, THOMAS-THE WIND - it was his nickname. That name resonated with me as different and varied friends rose to speak of his touch in their lives. (Kayce and Bill knew Thomas and I mentioned their having been touched by T's life.)


  4. Where will Godde's breath take me today?

    What a great question! What a great poem!

    Thank you, SS.

  5. Anonymous3:17 PM

    I understand a Happy Anniversary congratulations message is in order!!
    All the best to you both.