Friday, April 09, 2010

Silly song of birdhouses in the wind

Birdhouse...Image by Јerry via Flickr
We have two birdhouses in our yard - one can be viewed from the kitchen side and one from the study side.  Unlike the picture at right, our houses hang from a little length of chain which seemed like a good idea until the heavy wind this week...funny thoughts came into my noggin -

She watches nervously from the shrubs
Wondering how whirling will affect the eggs

Like a merry-go-round in there now
Or a small, whirling, bumpy tornado

Oh dear, what were they thinking with a hook and a chain
A tilt-a-whirl, the perfect storm

Residence with my neighbors in the eaves may be the 
next best nesting place - I'll need to get started on that right away

Oh well, if they fly in circles I guess it won't matter
and certainly they'll be born with a toe up on vertigo

Oh dear, oh dear, I've never sat on scrambled eggs before!

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  1. OH Polli - thank you! That's just the response I was hoping to receive.....the scrambled eggs thing would just not leave my head:)


  2. I actually had two eggs for breakfast that were supposed to be over medium but ended up scrambled.

  3. It's a good song for a lovely day. April days should have ditties like this.

    I love the scrambled eggs part.

  4. did you go take a peak to make sure they're still intact? love the silliness!! xo

  5. Maureen -

    My other post was to be - a recipe for scrambled eggs. Take one birdhouse w/nest and eggs, spin rapidly in the wind - voila! (I actually think the recipe might have been funnier!)


  6. Lucy,

    I don't know that there are even eggs in there yet. I hope not - the nest is definitely arranged though. We'll see:)