Sunday, May 02, 2010

Fire, Furnace and Fears

Fire was the element of reflection this week in my Easter E-Course, so herewith - more fire -

See, I have refined you, but not like silver;
I have tested you in the furnace of adversity.
Isaiah 48:10

So what of the fire, the refinement, the fears, the furnace
Step in and die
Step in and live

What fears will become ashes
That of failure
Of being judged by one's friends and foe
Fear of non-creativity
Of everything

Rather, why not the crucible
Taking on courage with the fire
Taking on confidence with the purification
Taking on the badge of honor and creativity
Taking only the shield of God's perfect judgement of his creation
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  1. Bravo, Sunrise Sister, for the courage shown after the purification :-) Great post.

  2. "Step in and die
    Step in and live"

    these two lines sum it up for me. yes and yes. xoxox

  3. "So what of the fire..."

    When I do my Morning Pages a la Julia's advice, I often find myself penning this phrase "what of [whatever it is]"

    There is something big in that question. Something that opens.

  4. I've always connected with the metaphor of refinement by fire. I came across this in Rumi recently:

    "If you are a friend of God, fire is your water."