Saturday, May 01, 2010


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Reflecting upon the element of fire in connection to an Abbey of the Arts Easter season E-Course, I found these thoughts rolling around in my head -

Fire - what does it mean to me?  Love, passion, rebirth, death.  As a blazing engulfed tree is it a release of fresh new life that escapes the firey scorch by taking refuge in the moist earth below?  As the seed of rebirth do I remember the gift of that hot burning flame pushing me to the edge of renewal, commitment, life, growth?

Recalling a passion, tingling with memories - memories of what?  The forbidden, the narrow escape, the secret of darkness.....perhaps more thrilling than the light of day illumination of the forbidden?  

But if the passion for the forbidden titillates one's soul, how must the transfer of that passion to the goodness, the love of, the expansiveness of life become an even greater gift and surprise to the trusting self who says yes to the gift of fire.

Have you ever given thought to a fire that pushed you to the edge?  A forbidden edge - a renewal edge?  Did you refuse to leap, thus being consumed into ashes.  Or did you leap into the unknown recognizing that new life was waiting for you if only you had the nerve to face your fire and trust?
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  1. Much to think about here.

  2. As Maureen said, much to think about here.

    In fire I also like to see the burning of dross in my life.

  3. Anonymous8:44 PM

    And I agree with Maureen and claire! We know that it is in the fire that we are changed...JG

  4. the question i keep coming back to re: fire is this: can there be rest within fire? definitely much to think about here... this element has found me a bit confounded this week. xoxo

  5. Maureen, Claire, and Lucy - thank you for stopping by and commenting. Pondering the element of fire this past week has been interesting.

    Lucy - to your comment, I don't think there is "rest within the fire" for me. I think there's hope, exhilaration, inspiration - but rest? I don't think so:)


  6. loved reading your thoughts here SS, thanks for sharing your fiery self so generously! :-)