Friday, June 04, 2010

Just one "L"

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Change, Sausalito, San FranciscoImage by ms sdb via Flickr
I've been sharing choices and changes with you this week - those that have made a difference for me and those I hope might inspire you to make new choices/changes for yourselves.  Coincidentally yesterday (if there is such a thing as a coincidence) in my meditation/writing time a little thought  related to choice/changes subject popped up.   I'm going to share it with you today.

There's so much good in my heart and life right now that I burst with the joy of it all.   I wonder, do you feel joy as I do or do you suppress that possible exhilaration for yourself from a mindset of scarcity (thinking you have no joy or anything to bring you joy) or just from a mind full of to do lists?

Thinking about "mind full" vs "mindful" awareness, I wonder at the big  difference that little letter "L" makes in those words and in our actions.  Too busy, too stressed, too overwhelmed - minds full of tragedy, worry, trivia vs our being mindful of blessings, thanksgiving, of the abundance of life, the health we are fortunate to know for the moment, our eyes, our bed, our connection and support from families, friends and fellow mindful bloggers. 

Which will I/we choose today - mind full or mindful?  And you, which will you choose?  I pray that both you and I will make the second choice and experience how that selection may serve to change our day today and maybe all of the days in our lives.
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  1. I have definitely been feeling joy and abundance lately. Mindfulness for me right now is revolving around questions of money - what to spend it on. I went to an event last night and spent more money than I'd intended to, but had a really good time. (There's so much to do here that until now I haven't been able to afford.) But I'm also trying to save money for a trip, so I'm asking myself what's more important - taking full advantage of the fun to be had in town or saving for this trip.

  2. I much prefer being mind-ful, though I'm certain I go around with a mind full all the time, mostly of images and words for poems and thoughts about my reading.

    Managing both at the same time can be a little tricky, so I usually carry a few pieces of paper around with me.

  3. I have a hunch it is easier to be mindful rather than having a mind full as one grows older and fewer things (usually) are there wanting our attention. Suddenly one has time and space to be mindful. But it is a gift, and possibly a grace :-)

    Thank you for a good post that sets us reflecting.

  4. Pollinatrix -

    Such a fine line we make for ourselves sometimes - now or later - I bet you're good with your own mindfulness in setting just the right balance between pleasure now w/o forsaking a future pleasure. I had forgotten that you live in Taos - a place we want to visit one of these days. I visited there when I was just a young teen, having spent some summer time days with friends in nearby Red River NM. I see from its publicity that its quite the city now and as I said, one I'd like to see again some day!


  5. Hi Maureen,

    Mindful/mind full - I try never to leave the house w/o paper and a pen of some kind. Of course, if I don't have the paper I write on corners or books or pocket calendars or whatever I can find....then the trick is to remember not to discard that scrap of wisdom that I've jotted on something:) With the prolific nature of the interests you post at your site, your mind must be full ALL of the time and stretching to find more topics of interest. You're a master in diverse subjects of many interests! Tx for stopping by:)

  6. Claire,

    You are so right about the mind full being less as we age out of certain responsibilities in life.....although I still manage to manage the crowded cranium often! I do realize though at retirement age when one is healthy the mindfulness is such a joy that sometimes youth is not able to tap into. It is peace and grace for which I am so grateful. Even having the time to write and share with others is a rare gift that many people overlook as they find themselves with more time on their hands......although having time on my hands doesn't seem to be a huge burden:) again, rather a blessing in which I can reflect and examine the mystery and majesty of my life. Thanks for being one of those persons with whom I can share!