Thursday, June 03, 2010

Subjects for Choices and Changes

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Spirituality - Active pursuit.....this spring I chose to engage in two outreach E-Courses offered by Abbey of the Arts.  The first walked me through the days of Lent with daily Bible verses and inspirational readings for reflection.  The second course took me through, what I consider a somewhat neglected season, that of the actual Easter season from Easter day up to the Day of Pentecost.  Both courses were choices I made to increase my spiritual connection with God and I was not disappointed. 

Although I try to engage in daily worship and a connection with my spirituality as a created being, I find participation in something unique from my weekly worship habits to be rejuvenating and enriching.  Abbey of the Arts is filled with opportunities throughout the year to pull one's little bell chain with new ideas:)  Having made these choices and changes for myself, I recommend The Abbey anytime you need an inspirational moment of reassurance, challenge, and/or change.

Books, more books - If you're a regular reader here, you'll be familiar with the choice coming up - a selection made while visiting The Sacred Gardens of Maui; I have cited this book's content and its quotes here at the MINDSIEVE often.  The book is Way of the Winding Path and I'll just say when I purchased it, I thought to myself, "do I really need another book about how to walk the labyrinth?" and the answer to myself was, "oh, go ahead."  Very good advice I gave myself.  I'm second time reading this great little primer for life - another choice that has given me the opportunity to make those small changes, almost unintelligible details that make day in and day out life so sweet as a child of God.  Chapter 3 entitled Appreciate the Journey is headed by this Jack Kornfield, quote - "As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are.  Otherwise you will miss most of your life."  How cool is that?!   I think you can order this book's by Eve Eschner Hogan.

Soul Collage - am I a broken record?  If you haven't had an opportunity to participate in a Soul Collage Workshop, I can't recommend it enough.  I'd never heard of it either until my sister began using it in her counseling practice as a one on one tool, as well as then setting up a monthly workshop opportunity for her Seattle friends and contacts - a fun opportunity fellowship,  creativity and a peak at what's on one's, perhaps unaware, mind.  I was lucky enough to host a workshop here in Walla Walla and have used my collage cards in meditation and reflection many times since pasting down my first images.  Another great choice for me and a golden opportunity for reflection and realized change.

Exercise - I've been a proponent of exercise for a long time.  I actually enjoy the activity which is not the case for all my friends and family.  But exercise change is essential for it to continue to work for your body's well-being.  Having recently taken to the road to enlist my legs in the sport of jogging/walking/running - my style would be classified as all three together for the time being, working toward a running stride......eventually:)  This a.m. hearing the rain again, I donned a cap and water resistant jacket over my duds with my endorphins saying, yeah, you go girl and whatever the opposite of the endorphins saying, o.k., o.k. - we can get wet!  The change of heartbeat, mood, and deep breathing paved the road to a smooth yoga class at 9:30.  Choosing exercise - need I say more, it'll change anyone's life!

The posts this week, they're all about me aren't they?  Well not really, because what I want them to be is all about you and the fact that you have choices and changes that may be sitting around waiting to happen in your life too.  I'm getting such a high from the places my choices and changes are taking me and I want you to feel that bliss also.  So think about it a minute - you don't have to tell me - but isn't there something just ready to burst from you, a choice you haven't but can make, a change that you would embrace wholeheartedly?  If you want to share......

Soul Collage Card by Sunrise Sister
Photo via wikipedia - Red banners heralding the Day of Pentecost celebration
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  1. Another wonderful post. Great choices, too.

  2. I am doing EXACTLY the same thing with running right now! This is exciting - we can be virtual running buddies!

  3. Pollinatrix -

    Hey, virtual running buddies sounds great to me! I have an app on my IPhone that records my and works well for me.

    Are you training for a specific event or just for your own well-being?


  4. For my own well-being. I just like doing it, it feels good. I don't have an iPhone, but keep me updated about your progress!

  5. Your choices sound a lot like my choices... Hmmmmm. I'm having so much fun with my yoga and fitness classes I can hardly stand it. Someone implanted this idea of building a better body in my brain and my body, mind and soul are loving it! I may need a virtual running buddy if this rain doesn't stop soon... I don't mind getting wet, but chilled to the bone is a whole other thing.

  6. SS - thanks so much for the very kind words and sharing all your other sources of inspiration! Sending much love, xoxo.