Friday, July 16, 2010

Biography II

Reading another person's biography, specifically the one I posted about yesterday,  by a woman, about a woman, I think of my own life experiences;  the place I was born,  the childhood and teen years with a cadre of similar lives and situations surrounding me, the totally overwhelming experience and loneliness of college, the mistake of teenage marriage, the floundering of a young wife, the desperation of post-partum depression - oh oops - I shouldn't give you the whole plot here and now, should I?

Could there be an autobiographical book written about my family, my life, my friends?  Of course anything is possible and such a book could be written, with the expectation that the most copies of such a book would be of interest to my children, grandchildren and to those friends that inhabited the book along with me - a book of a few hundred pages and most probably a good family read - rather than a worldwide best seller.  Naturally my story would reflect upon an American culture, small town girl raised by small town parents, first loves, college, marriage, kids,  foreign travel and residency, tragedy, divorce, business, happiness, loss, abundance, love, joy.....hope and optimism for a happy ending, faith and confidence in the Resurrection.....there's a lot that could cut and pasted into an auto-biography.  

Yet, would I want ALL of my life to be, shall I say - exposed - naked to criticism, examination, judgment, disdain?  Probably not but in my personal examination of it today, I wouldn't change any of it.  I'd still be happy with my sheltered, small town beginnings, my wonderful friends - many of them still in my life today - my travels, adventures, and work in big cities, with fast and crazy friends  too in those places; my children of a first marriage, my stepdaughters from a second marriage, a wonderful spouse, good health and as above my optimism for a happy ending to my life here on earth......I could read my biography and be content - and you?  

What would you count as your achievements?  Fame, fortune, parenthood?  I'd count among my top accomplishments not my business engagement that yields me a nice pension now (for which I am most grateful), nor my volunteer Board positions, nor even my rather interesting artwork that gives me great pleasure to produce.  No, my top accomplishments would have to do with engaging with my Creator in the best way I can, living among friends - old and new - who know they can trust and count on me, my joy at having good health at least through today's date, my loving relationship with my spouse of 25 years and the total and unbelievable joy of being Mother, Step-Mother, and Grandmother.

And how about you - a quick survey of the biography in your head - take a look.  Could you write a book that would pique someone's curiosity, that would bring a tear or a smile to a stranger's face?  Who would your readers be, your biggest fans?  I believe that we've been born into this life to do the best we can with the gifts that God has entrusted us to use wisely.  I believe that many, many, many people I know and particularly have recently revisited, embraced, and counted blessings with have done just that and continue to do that daily.  Have you used your gifts wisely - if not today - there's always tomorrow......script up that biography in your head, live it and love it - all we have left is all we have left!  Best seller anyone?
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  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Whether it ever gets written or not, so much to think about - you're good at this, Dianna! Taking us deeper! You do such a good job of living life! I admire this so. :)JG

  2. Ah, SS, there was a time when for a long time I dreamt to write a book. I would then go to the University bookstore in Seattle's University District and I would see these thousands of books...

    Since then, what I have produced was for a huge UN organization and it had a moment of glory and then moved into the past.

    Writing an autobiography, I do not know. Like you, it would be for those I love. But regularly revisiting my life, absolutely. Because of course, every time I look at my life again I am a different person, I have changed. Healed some things. Other memories have come up to be held and nurtured...

    I like this post, SS. There is so much in it. It overflows with care and energy and goodness.

    Thank you.

  3. You know the autobiography is constantly stirring in my mind. Parts of it are written and parts wait patiently for their place on the page. Today, however, my hope is to awaken each day and ask myself what is the best way I can live TODAY. I, too, would not change a thing for they have brought me to who I am today. Best seller material? I imagine God thinks so and that makes me smile.

    Wonderful post!! xoxoxo

  4. I could write an autobiography, but some people would have to be dead first, mainly me.

  5. JG - I always love to see you here:)

    Claire, I bet an amazing auto-b could come from your life stories - the little bit I've been honored to watch over maybe a year now would definitely be a treasured tome!

    Lucy - Living today is certainly our biggest challenge and God does know our biography very well - glad we got written into the same story:)

    CP - I think you could be subject of a biography but an auto-b.....I dunno!:)