Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Mind, Body, and Spare Tire

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Over the years I've experienced the fact that popular women's magazines, medical studies/journals, doctors, and particularly women friends, have repeatedly reminded me and other women that each decade brings a new "something" to our aging minds and bodies.  I've gone along with this surfeit of information for a long time - that is with the exception of being in my 20's when I was CERTAIN that none of the aging rules would apply to me, to my mind, to my body!

No longer in my 20's however, I look at the information in a different way.  For me, the minds part is amazing.  For example, I've developed what I consider to be common sense behavior that seems appropriate and applicable to the surroundings and circumstances in which I live.  I've learned new skills,   experienced forms of literature not studied in my youth, reached out to both old and new friends through mind, spirit and the internet.   Through occasional classes, on the job experience and just plain old living, I've savored good books, enjoyed visiting new continents and am entertained by both serious theological reading and silly slapstick movies!  At this time in my life, my curious mind takes me places that I might have, or probably would have, avoided in my youth.  Yes, the mind enhancing possibilities present or there to be enhanced in the aging process are, for me both intriguing and challenging!

However, the body part - oh yes, the body part, certainly challenging but not quite so intriguing!  On the positive side I've tasted new foods, experimented with new recipes, ordered expensive champagne on occasion, and found the delicious wines of our valley temptingly served at every social event I attend.  The body is quite pleased with all of the savoring going on through the aforementioned activities but the scales have confirmed that each decade definitely brings something new to it and the something new is usually at least 5 new and unwelcome pounds!   A nice spare tire around the middle and blouses that resist ever being tucked into pants' waistbands again!  Having read and swallowed the mind and body propoganda trends for a few of my own adult decades, I've still always believed in my heart of hearts that I was NOT doomed to gain 5 lbs or more every decade! So.....

I've happily engaged in vigorous exercise programs and not so happily in myriad diets over the years - Atkins, High Protein, Low Protein, Sugar Busters, Palm Beach, Weight Watchers, my personal favorite - the ice cream for dinner diet - and found, surprise, surprise that although the exercise is good for my heart and my joints, the diets work for a little while, a few pounds lost and then a few pounds more gained back and beyond.  What a pain!  What a disappointment.  Yet, that belief in the foolishness of those 5 lbs per decade being inevitable,  persisted.

I'm happy to report that I've lost two decades worth of added poundage - you do the math:) in the last 5 months.  No, I didn't find THE diet of all diets, I haven't had stomach surgery or liposuction - I just started to listen to my body.  Too simple, huh?  That's what I thought and found a bit too good to be true when I clicked on Tonya Leigh Williams' site,  JustBLiving.  There I found a no nonsense young Life Coach who worked not so much on what the outside looked like but what's inside my mind regarding dieting, body image, food, habits of breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc.  I've not missed a meal since I began working with her.  I've never felt deprived or left wanting for a special food item or dessert.  My scales moved to the back of my closet during the first week of working with Tonya and still reside there.  Her coaching has changed my mind set, my waistline-my personal spare tire, my life.

If any of this post resonates with you, I highly recommend you visit Tonya's site, send her an email asking your questions, schedule a call with her - I'm here to tell you that you won't be disappointed! 
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  1. bravo!!! i'm glad you're speaking out so clearly here!!! i, too, had thought i was moving into the decades of having to settle for what father time brings ( it any surprise he's a man?!?!?!!) well, no more settling for me. life is grand and my waist is slimming too :-) you and tonya are both tremendous gifts in my life. hooray for all of us!!

  2. Lucy
    Thank you! It's so much fun to live into, at least to attempt to live into the fullness of life and potential. It's truly amazing to celebrate it with you! xoxo

  3. Dianna-

    *tears* and a big ole' high five.