Thursday, August 26, 2010

Too Old - for what?

A Life Coach - who in the heck works with a Life Coach?  I'm organized, happily married with adult children and adorable young grandchildren, retired from a successful business career, I'm a community leader, and a spiritually grounded individual.  I repeat - who in the heck works with a Life Coach? Me? Probably not......though through exposure to the term Life Coach, mainly through bloggers whom I had followed over a couple of years on the internet, I felt comfortable with the idea that LC's were valuable particularly for young people attempting to organize their lives, to climb the corporate ladder, to step out into the dating world with confidence.  Certainly, a charming notion but nothing to which I could relate in my more mature stage of life, right?  Right........well maybe?
One evening last spring, my spouse and I were vacationing and I was settling in after a beautiful day at the beach, a nap, a leisurely dinner, an awesome sunset.  Relaxing before bedtime included writing a post for my blogsite and, as well, a quick visit to a couple of my favorite bloggers' posts.  Christine Kane is one of those sites I visit often; she's a Life Coach, a songwriter, an entrepreneur extraordinaire and always has an entertaining and informative word of the day on her site, so I clicked over there for a quick look.  That day Ms. Kane was featuring another LC and one whose specialty  caught my eye - Tonya Leigh Williams, a Life Coach specializing in weight loss issues.  I couldn't click fast enough; I was very curious!
Curiosity, questions, answers, phone sessions and homework - that was almost 5 months ago.  Tonya and I are a solid team now.  Essentially she and I have addressed why it is that I gained the weight to begin with and why I could not lose two decades of it, no matter how much I exercised!  We've covered a lot of ground relating to body image - my attitude toward life, food,  and fitness - all great topics but those topics and the loss of weight have become incidental in the broader scope of expanding the life that is mine now, in this moment, in this time!  What topics you might wonder - how about a 5K race, taking on serious writing and art creation and continuing my studies of a foreign language?  Are those diverse enough, perhaps even scattered in their diversity? Perhaps, yet those topics and their implementation are breathing new life, curiosity and wonder into my being- and at my age? A Life Coach - who works with a Life Coach?!

P.S. Those of you who follow my posts regularly, will remember that on June 26, I did run my first 5K event - started, finished - loved it - no injury - no doubt there will be another event - I'm working on it!  I have a new bike (I had been thinking about that for about 18 months and just couldn't make the decision)  I enjoy stretching my body into yoga poses at least two times a week; my list of post topics is expanding; my artwork has been on the backburner for a few months but Tonya and I have been discussing a plan for that project's re-emergence......oh, and the weight loss? - that's just happening, I have no obsession about it not coming off anymore - it just is.  So a motivational Life Coach - with a specialty in weight loss?  I'm not too old for that!!??  In fact there's not too much that I can dream up that I'm too old to accomplish - how about you? ........too old for what?!!! 
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  1. Fabulous, Sunrise Sister! Way to go!

  2. I have walked outside...almost 1/2 mile two days this week for the first time in years. To me this is surreal, since I'm dealing with painful knee issues! I'm have a good support system and plan to keep walking.

    Thanks for this blog! Jadean

  3. JQ -

    Congratulations!!!! Keep up the good work - walks start with steps and I'm so happy, really thrilled, to hear that you are taking those steps outside. There's so much beauty we miss when we are unable to venture even a short distance from our homes on foot.


  4. Claire,

    I feel so welcomed to see your face on my site. Thanks for the comment!