Monday, August 30, 2010

The Versatile Blogger?

The "Versatile Blogger Award" allows the recipient(s) to sport the pretty little green badge seen in my right hand column today.  Thanks from me to Contemplative Photography for gifting me with this honor! I hope you'll visit Contemplative Photography yourself for a view of her lovely  photography, a read of her always challenging and thought-provoking posts; don't miss the constant newness in the site's left-hand column - gifts to yourself in prose, photography and daily poetry!

Part of the fun of this Award is that I'm allowed to gift or present it to 15 of my favorite versatile bloggers.  Bending the rules a little I'm bestowing it upon 10 of my blogger peers - they are not in preferred order or even alphabetical - just bloggers I always enjoy visiting:

1.  Christine Kane
2.  Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy
3.  Country Parson
4.  Anchors & Masts
5.  A Seat at the Table
6.  Seedlings in Stone
7.  JustBLiving
8.  Contemplating the Moon
9.  Textures Shapes and Color
10.The Whole Blooming World

Finally, as an award winner, I am to share seven things about myself that my readers/followers might not know - you already know I'm a Christian, a spouse/mother/retired person, exercise and travel lover.............hmmmm, things you don't know - here goes!

1.  I enjoy waking as many days as possible without an alarm sound of any kind ringing in my ears
2.  I'm hooked on the Netflix (no commercials) version of "Grey's Anatomy" - I'm into Season 3 now
3.  I'm going to have a one-woman art show in June 2011
4.  I've lost 8 lbs in the last 5 months and in the meantime,  added a number of lbs of muscle (BTW - they're lost and there is no reward for your finding them and returning them!)
5.  My current record of push-ups is 25 in a row
6.  I have a Life Coach with whom I adore working and would unhesitatingly recommend
7.  My birth year is 1942

Thanks again for the nice award from one of my fellow bloggers and to my readers for commenting or just viewing as you feel called to do:))


  1. well well - look at you go. i, however, happened to know ALL of those things about you already... i exaggerate as i didn't know the pushup record :-) thanks for adding me to your highly recommend'eds. i'll see what i can do about passing along the goods. x0x0

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your energy!!!!!

  2. Well, contrary to lucy, a lot of what you share here I did not know: I had read about your losing weight and your coach. I had forgotten about the art show though and find this very exciting. Bravo for the push ups!

    Thank you for the Award, Sunrise Sister! You make my day :-)

  3. HI Lucy and Claire my stalwart commenters:)) - You're both such great reward recipients and the bonus is that you leave me comments also in addition to pleasuring me with your great sites!

    Thanks as always - I'll keep you posted on the art show progress:)