Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I choose to live in hope

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"Somewhere each day we have to fall in love, with someone, something, some moment, event, phrase, word, or sight.  Somehow each day we must allow the softening of the heart.  Otherwise our hearts will move inevitably toward hardness.  We will slowly become cynical without even knowing it—that's where too much of the world is trapped."

Somehow Mr. Rohr's comments today have triggered a reaction from me in regard to recent newscasts and editorials that I've watched or read.  I'm not normally a political activist but the words pouring out today are doing just that......pouring

Am I trapped in cynicism?  Do I believe that my grandchildren will not have the opportunities that I had as a young woman growing up in this world?  It would be easy for me to succumb to the political naysayers, fear mongering finger wavers, if I chose to live in fear.  

I do NOT choose to live in fear nor in naivete.  I choose to believe that I am the one to speak out against fear, to speak out with optimism, to believe that not only MY children and grandchildren are exceptional but that all children and grandchildren of today are given opportunities (particularly in the USA) for success in their lives far beyond that of generations past.  I believe they are up to the test of living and creating a world better than the one we currently live in.  I believe they will continue to govern the United States in a thoughtful and relevant manner.  I believe that the fear mongers , among them many politicians, candidates for office, and radio/television personalities, are evil in their attempt to gain power through lies and deceit.  I do not believe they will triumph over the fullness of God's grace in the world.  I choose to live in hope and I hope and pray that you do also.

Adapted from Radical Grace, Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr, p. 84, Day 92
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  1. Thank you for this uplifting post at a time when today I came out of a black hole of doubt.I live in the UK and we are awaiting the arrival of the Pope tomorrow for a 4 day state visit. At times I have felt quite negative about it all but always my Catholic faith draws me near again to the unassailable truth of the love of Christ and the fact that my church is one I cannot leave despite all its flaws. I got this quote too in my inbox and it made me think how lucky I am to have faith and love and to be loved when there are so many without these.
    Thank you and Bless you !!

  2. Thank you. Just what I needed to read today.

  3. I loved getting that reflection from Rhor - it's what I try to do every day - hence the camera shots on my blog - just noticing something that everyone else walks past.
    When you see the beauty in the tiny things, you are seeing God, you are seeing love doing its thing.
    So easy to give in to the cynical, to join in with the complaints at the bus stop and the grocery line. To expect the worse....
    When Jesus held the beggar and sinner he was seeing past the worst - to the God-ness and who can't love Love.
    The Pope's vist and everything around it has been one of those things Philomena - but then you see and hear people glad and proud to be celebrating their faith in community and in public and to be cynical about the motives, costs etc is the worldly thing to do. But like Sunday's Gospel on the dishonest steward - the world uses circumstance to fit its agenda. Children of the Light should have a different way of looking at things.

  4. Dear Philomena,

    THanks for YOUR words of encouragement. I've heard news of the Pope's visit and seen pictures of him. He is an old man whose burden since assuming his role as head of the church appears ancient - I know his heart must be heavy with the burden and complexity of his role. It's a hard time for all people of faith - but I do not think for a minute that it's ever been EASY for people of there I go again - I believe in HOPE with a good dose of reality thrown in. Thanks for reading and for commenting!


  5. Linda - I LOVE that you read here. Thank you:) See you soon!!


  6. Dear WORD, We attend a VERY teeny church 2 times a month. Attendance this a.m. was about 11. After the sermon we usually have an open discussion re the sermon/lesson/etc. The dishonest steward made for a LOT of discussion this a.m. in church and then afterwards over the coffee. Doing out Master's work? we always do what would please God or do we wiggle some and do what will make us look the best and keep the most friends - it's a slippery slope, isn't it. Thanks for your comments here. I am so taken with responses from those who have taken the time to read what is often just laying right there on my own heart! Thank you again.