Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Pilgrimage/Journey Ideas

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Most of MindSieve's readers know that there's a big voyage for me beginning later this month.  In preparation, I've been reading fiction regarding the South Pacific, Michener, Melville, etc. and a book on pilgrimage mindfulness; being in the present moment, being conscious of the sacred that surrounds a traveler on the journey.

I'm currently pondering thoughts of some small, meaningful treasure that I will take along in my luggage to leave on each island that we visit.  Has to be non-harmful to the environment, not showy, ornate or obvious - just something that I will know I've left behind.  Any thoughts or brainy ideas that come into your head(s) regarding the item?  Have you left treasures as you've made especially meaningful journeys somewhere in your life?  I would love to hear about those treasures.

I'm planning to prepare several soul collage pages to fit in my new journal - pages that I'll "listen" to from time to time while we travel.  The journal - oh, yes, I have a new journal and of course, I have several books downloaded on my Kindle for those days at sea made for relaxed reading, napping, reading.   I'm wondering about a daily book of readings/devotions/contemplative writing for the trip.  I know that you readers have favorite "reads" that you use seasonally, yearly, daily and I'd love your suggestions about a small volume (I might just Kindle it).  So, please give this some thought and send me your list of favorites - there must be one out there that is just yearning for my attention.

Now, lest you think that I'm overworking this pilgrimage stuff, you're probably right.  On the other hand, the planning is so delightful and it seems to be putting a couple of my creative activities in gear - i.e. the writing and as it happens, the painting as well - so I'm letting the planning do its thing and I'm going along for the ride:)

Again, put on your thinking caps and send me a few thoughts about the treasures to be left behind and the volume of daily reading.......I look forward to the thoughts that come from you!

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  1. As you walk to Compostela, along the way, you see small stacks, piles, columns of stones of various sizes. In France, you see them at the foot of calvary crosses.

    Each stone has a story, the story of a struggle, of something you carry with you and often a need to forgive -- a person or persons usually.

    You pick up a stone and carry it with you, often rubbing your fingers on it, chewing on what happened then and wanting to release the pain, the rancor, the brokenness. You pick it until you feel ready to leave it with other similar stones on the side of the Camino,

    I realize this is not what you talk about in this post. But this is what first comes to my mind as an answer to it.

    Otherwise, because I am trying to free myself from 'things', what comes to my mind as something to leave behind would be more like a 'gratuitous act of kindness'. Unless of course there are where you live small objects that will be a sign that your land came to the lands you visit, an offering of friendship. This sounds more like what you have in mind.

    At any rate, you have a lovely and holy idea. I am sure you will come up with the perfect solution.

    Please tell us then.

  2. Claire,
    I love this story of Compostela! As a matter of fact, stones have been playing a part in my thoughts about what to carry with me on the journey with the intention of leaving it on each island. I have some lovely tumbled/polished stones that sit next to my right elbow as I write each day - also a small bag of pebbles I've gathered over the last few years at my favorite Episcopal Women's Weekend retreat camps. So stones are weighing heavily as choices. Thanks for taking the time to relay the Compostela story to me! I'll see if any of my other readers have some ideas on the subject as well:)


    P.S. Thank you for the lovely response to our email conversation - your support is meaningful in my life.

  3. Stones are also what came to my mind first. Though I tend to pick them up on my travels rather than drop them off. (I had two small pieces of slate from an island off the coast of Scotland this summer. I felt that one wanted to come with me back to Hawaii, but the other preferred staying in Scotland so I found a nice place to leave it there.)
    Why not bring along some of the sea glass that you have collected?

  4. here's the third vote for stones. as i read your post i thought of a conversation i had this week. there's a beach on the washington coast with flat stones & there are stacks everywhere along the beach. my friend composed her own "altar" of the things in her life she wanted to leave there. she then selected a few choice stones, brought them home and erected a new altar of what she wants to hold onto and claim in her life.

    yesterday when i spoke to my pilgrimage guide about "packing", it dawned on her that half of her bag is filled with gifts to take to those she's befriended in the past and will befriend on this journey. the two of you now have me pondering what might be jumping into my bag along with the sunscreen and journal.

    oh, i wish i could leisurely sit here all day and ponder these delicious thoughts. i love you!! xo

    wait! just saw linda's "sea glass comment". hmmmm.

  5. Lucy and Linda,

    The stones are beginning to come up first as the "take along" - although the idea of the seaglass is a bit intriguing. I can see us all searching for just that piece of glass thrown overboard in the middle of the ocean:) and later washed up on Maui?? Well, of course, God is the only one who would ever really know:)))

    Thanks for your input. It's just another part of this journey I'm enjoying!