Sunday, September 05, 2010

Soul Collage Sunday

A simple Soul Collage card spoke out to me this week as I sat in prayer and listening.  In the language and discipline of Soul Collage* - I asked "Who are you?"

I am the child, the Christ Child
I am God, I am the Trinity
I am the new child, Child of God
confident in my ability to breathe in 
all of life's mystery

I am naked, vulnerable, loved and
I am the one who stretches, who
flexes, who climbs to absurd, unheard
of high places

I am the one who builds strength on
the gifts you have given me
I am intentional, purpose-filled,
holiness driven

I embrace the white bird, the Holy Spirit
The blue of baptism, of rebirth, of openness
Of the vast universe surrounding me
*Soul Collage -
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  1. Breath-taking, Sunrise Sister!

  2. Claire and Maureen - thanks for your lovely remarks. Your comments are SO welcome here at the MS!

  3. Visitors can learn more about the trademarked process of SoulCollage® by visiting the founder's site at It's such a great thing to share, and your cards are lovely, Sunrise Sister!

  4. oh, that white bird again. fantastic words from a fabulous soul!!! xoxoox

  5. btw - the verification word for my last comments was "babysad". this seemed in total contradiction to your card - "babystrong." :-)