Friday, November 26, 2010

"Freedom is not the capacity to be what you are not, but the capacity to be fully who you already are, to develop your inherent and true nature as much as possible.  True freedom will feel more like a discovery than an achievement.

Freedom is not having to do what you want to do.  Spiritual and true freedom is wanting to do what you have to do, which makes you dig deep into your own resources.  Then you become who you most deeply and truly are.

All things desire to be fully themselves, and that is all that God wants them to be."

Quote from Richard Rohr - adapted from "Jesus’ Plan for a New World," p. 14

I came upon the quote above from a post I had started quite some time ago and never completed.  Reflecting upon it this morning, the day after America's secular Thanksgiving Holiday, I found it so appropriate to my life of this last year.  A year for me that has been a wonderful mix of joy, hard work, self- discovery, adventure and yes, freedom.  Freedom to be the person God has created me to be.

The openness of self-discovery and the other descriptive phases of my daily being have been enhanced through study, reflection, outside resources, curiosity and wonder.  A commitment to follow my own true self has brought a new energy to me.  I give credit today to some of those who have supported me in this personal growth - Tonya Leigh/Life Coach, Terri Cotts/Yoga instructor who have mentally and physically stretched me to new places, daughters Kari and Sarah who have kept me on my toes with examples of their own physical strength and growth - Kari with her Triathalon training and events, Sarah with her business acumen and Kilimanjaro climb, sister Kayce with her pilgrimages and Soul Collage work, my artist buddy, Monica, with her ebullient and encouraging support of my own creative endeavors, along with her personal ever expanding display of imaginative, creative work. 

I am so fortunate to have had, to have met, to have searched out these persons in my life for their friendship and support this year.  They've empowered me to feel the freedom of being myself - the freedom that Richard Rohr reminded me of in his quote - freedom to be and to become all that God had in mind for me when I was created.

Are you being, stretching, reaching to be all that you are meant to be in God's creation?  If your answer is no then why don't you begin today to step into that place of wonder.? It's a wonderful place in which to live.  I give thanks for the gift and place of freedom.

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  1. How blessed to have such courage and commitment to growing in your talents and possibilites , taking chances is so important, not settling for where we are.
    And often we do need other peope to set those challenges and be the 'coach' along the way.
    Best wishes on your life's travels.

  2. Dear Word -

    I hadn't thought much about courage and commitment....but I suppose those are traits that I like to identify with, so thanks for mentioning them! Recognition of my own curiosity has been part of my journey that I find just downright delightful. My various coaches and support persons are such wonderful folk for which I am so grateful!

    Part of the support team I should have mentioned are the readers like you (many of them high school friends that I re-connected with at a July reunion) of this blog. It means a lot to this blogger for people to actually read and enjoy what I have to say about the world and about what's personally happening in my life. Thanks for commenting today!


  3. Glad I have been part of your growth this year! And even though I don't see you very often - I do see/feel the results. I believe that I am being stretched to new limits this year which is both exciting and frightening. And, I am blessed with a wonderful wicked stepmother who is there to listen along the way.

  4. xoxoxo - what more can i say? i love you. love the freedom. love it!!!

  5. Sarah - it is indeed my pleasure to be your wonderful wicked stepmother - thanks for reading:)!

    Lucy - xoxoxo love you too:)

    xoxoxoto both of you