Monday, November 22, 2010

Ads and Advent

First Advent and first candle is litImage by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi via Flickr
Being away from the MindSieve for nearly 2 months now, it's a bit daunting to return, yet the decision has been made and you'll note by my new headline quote, I'm expecting the universe's cooperation in validating my decision.

Three plugs from me today -
1. For quality of life, decision making, personal empowerment and by the way - weight loss, click on the Tonya Leigh link in the right hand column of the MindSieve site - an amazing young talent you won't want to miss!

2. Looking or not for a place certain to draw your mind and heart into the upcoming Advent and Christmas season, please click on the link provided here for - 

3. Holiday shopping made easy - click here:
Episcopal Relief and Development
Mercy Corps 

See you tomorrow with more thoughts about these tips!
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  1. Welcome back, Sunrise Sister! Good to see your blog active again. Thank you for the links. I will be one of those engaged in'birthing the Holy' during Advent :-)


  2. Welcome back. Looking forward to reading you again and Happy Advent !

  3. Is Tonya he woman you have told me about? Interesting program. Think she could help me with my 5 pounds I hate? Welcome back and Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi Claire -

    I look forward to "our" advent journey "together":)Glad to be back in the blogworld although this long weekend for me is delaying the creative flow from my head:)


  5. Philomena - thanks so much for droppin' by. I'm tiptoeing back in to posts. This stateside long weekend has kept my fingers still a little reluctant to share my thoughts:) But I've missed posting and reading so am determined to become regular here at MindSieve:)

  6. Sarah -

    You should give Tonya a call - she's amazing:) and welcomes inquiry conversations before any kind of commitment is made:)