Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Advent Posings

I've found in my worship life that "taking on" a project, assignment, task, discipline for a season or for a period of days/weeks, etc. is a way for me to stay - in the words of the Avent season - AWAKE!  So this Advent Season my thoughts and actions are narrowed from the worldwide communion to a few hundred folks online for the season of Advent.

In pursuit of the daily discipline I opened an email yesterday suggesting a worship outline of music, listening for God's words in silence, composition of a blessing and questioning myself in regard to "Where in my life do I want to breathe more deeply?"

Breathing more deeply in order to be present in the moment, in the now of my life.  Breathing more deeply to recognize the mere act of inhaling and exhaling that I so take for granted - the gift given to me at birth, or maybe at inception?  At any rate, in reflection upon "breathing more deeply" these words came from my fountain pen to the journal

I pray for an awareness of the breath entering my left brain
For the recognition of clean, fresh breath focusing my left brain logic, all the while allowing that logic to overflow and infuse its power in to the creative, sometimes jumbled right brain
For the breath in the right side of my brain to feed my imagining and an explosive creativity of written words, along with tangible created collage images
I ask my breath to work through the tangles of left and right brains - smoothing, making/allowing/ forging new pathways/connections
Finally, connections of my breath, heart, soul and hands - coming together in tangible expressions of God's glory in my artist's heart

 *New collage in progress
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  1. I may use "breathing more deeply" as a prompt for a poem.

    Can't wait to see the completed collage; am already fascinated by it.

  2. The collage is indeed intriguing. Love the wholeness of this breath meditation.

  3. To be aware of breath is to be aware of God's Spirit moving across the world.

  4. Hi Maureen - I am pleased that the words I've written might indeed prompt you in your creative vision.

    Tess - Thanks for your comment and your time taken to read here at the MS!

    Word - How easily we forget the gift of breath - a sign indeed of the Holy Spirit ever present with us!