Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life in two parts

Mixed-Media Collage - 9" x 12"

Quote here by Richard Rohr from 
Falling Upward, A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, p.xiii

"The first half is discovering the script, 
and the second half is actually writing it and owning it."

How convenient or coincidental(?) is it that Richard Rohr's quote should come before my eyes this morning?  The subject of NOW has been part of my personal theme song for the past couple of years in that I'm very alert to the fact that I'm firmly ensconced in the second half of my life (that is if I expect to live until I'm 136! can do the math.)  At any rate, I repeat I'm definitely in the second half.

I'm eager to read the Rohr book that I've quoted from above as he obviously writes from a spiritual point of view about the two halves of life.  Yet, I too, speak of spirituality when awakening myself to things done and left undone, experiences I've always wanted to have in my life, people to meet, friends to make, travel to distant places, physical strengthening, reading, writing, painting; the list goes on.  I think my point is thinly veiled - I'm working at achieving and experiencing my bucket list NOW.  I'm not making excuses about no time to write, no time to read, no time to run a mile, no time to begin yoga, no time to say I love you to all my friends and family.

How about you?  Are you waiting until the pantry is full, or you've been to the cleaners, or gotten to the library, or washed the kitchen sink or bathroom bowl?  No matter your age as you read this post, you could possibly be in the second half of your life right now - don't wait, don't put off improving your mind, honoring your body, tending to your spiritual self - go for it today!!!  

**Collage from One Woman Show - Opening Reception - June 3, 2011 
Gallery at the Weinhard
Weinhard Hotel - Dayton, WA

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  1. Absolutely right about getting on with that bucket list. I find myself reviewing what's really important and what's a hangover from earlier interests. AND it's important to wash the sink mindfully. That's also in the now.