Monday, February 28, 2011


Mixed Media Collage - 9"x 12"

Over at "Writing Without Paper", Maureen continues to offer a plethora of information to broaden one's mind, as well as spirit.  She has so much to offer one could easily "over indulge" and browse days away clicking on her menus.  YET, and this is very important, yet as I peruse her site and marvel at her ability to offer up continually rich resources, I know that I will ALWAYS find a morsel of absolutely marvelous food for thought.  The morsel below is one I feasted upon yesterday and will continue to savor today.  Thank you Maureen - your dedication to providing rich material does make a difference in lives!

Only she who is ready to question,
to think for herself, will find the truth.
To understand the currents of the river,
he who wishes to know the truth
must enter the water.
~ Nisargadatta, Indian Mystic


  1. Thank you so much for the unexpected shout-out!

    Once again, you've shown us a marvelous collage. Nisargadatta's words complement it beautifully. I especially liked this quote.

  2. Hi Maureen, Well, I couldn't resist as I not only found the quote quite beautiful but I ended up purchasing 3 new art books from thoughts generated by your post!


  3. love the quote and the art!!! xo