Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Artists Supporting Artists

"Pegasus....Flying Lessons"**
Inspiration from the flying horse of Greek Mythology

"Father Steve in Civilian Attire"**
by Artist Jill Ingram*

I know that networking with business colleagues, volunteer workers, potential clients, and even friends is an important aspect of business development, non-profit sustainability, and social millieus.  Applying this network theory to re-entering the art world after a loooooong hiatus, I don't know why I've been so surprised at the willingness of artists to support and encourage established as well as new artists - but I have been VERY pleasantly surprised and warmed by many displays of support!  None the least, being that of Monica and Jill!
Now there are those artists in all walks of life, after all they ARE human beings,  who will deliver snarky remarks about one's style, one's media, one's subject but they are farther and fewer in between than those artists who truly reach out and support one another.  I believe that the snarky group may be suffering a slump in their own productivity or that they live in a world of fear rather than in a world of joy and possibility - once more after all, they ARE human and the human condition is the position from which we live our lives.

I've a list of artists here on my site (click on the Home Page tabs) who've been generous, curious, supportive, and just down right nice about assisting me in resources, in advice regarding dealing with galleries, setting prices, buying supplies, etc., and by the way, the list is growing.  They really know little about the work that I'm producing here in my studio (although several of them have seen my work already) but that does not seem to hamper them in their positive encouragement of my ability to create.  All of this is to say, we ALL have creative gifts inherent from our own Creator - some of us will use those gifts in what the world considers an "artsy" way and others will use their creative gifts in business, education, marketing, knitting, volunteering, pedicuring, massaging, piloting, gardening - the list can go on -
My point is - I've found that in lavishly sharing one's gifts with others, one's own gifts can grow exponentially.  Before we know it, by exercising a less critical (read that as cynical rather than creative criticism) eye toward the work of others,  the joy in our own work becomes enhanced by the multitude of variety in all persons' creative bents even though they differ from our own. We are not afraid to share.  We know there is enough praise, clientele, creativity in this world that all can be prosperous in their chosen field of endeavor.  The problem I see is that we often live from the fear of "not enough" and become stingy in our praise and support believing we lose if we share.

I thank persons who read my blog, who support my endeavors as a visual artist, who lavishly give of their time and talent to all they meet.  Is there someplace today that you can freely share your praise and support with no thought of what that support will cost or benefit you? I think such praise given freely will bring a clearer mind, a taller stature, and maybe even peace to you as an artist and as a celebration of your free will choice as a created being.

*Artists Monica Stobie and Jill Ingram - two extraordinary artists who have generously invited me to host my one woman show in their gallery for the month of June.    Please enjoy your visits to Monica and Jill's sites.

**Pieces pictured here today are in the personal art collection of MindSieve and her spouse:)  


  1. Stellar artists.

    I take great joy in coming across beautiful work and sharing it with others, through my blog, Twitter, FB, and other social media sites.

    Wishing you great success with your show. If I lived on the Left Coast, I'd make a point of dropping in.

  2. ABUNDANT post!! xoxo

  3. TX Maureen n Lucy! Xo