Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art Becomes Focus at MindSieve

"Will You Make a Difference Today?"*
Mixed Media Collage
Image 11 1/2" x 19 1/2"

Today's a big step here at the MindSieve in that I've decided to fly now under the banner of MindSieve Studio.  I believe the "Studio" addition is appropriate as my time is proportionately spent more and more in the creation of collage than in the creation of written articles.  That is not to say that I will discontinue blogging here, only that there's a name change and a slight shift in orientation toward more art centered articles than in the past. 

You may also notice the different layout visual.  I've now stretched or perhaps streamlined the look of the site with tabs across the top of the Home Page to direct you to a chosen subject.  I hope to feature more artists and their work here, as well as highlight great galleries that I've been fortunate enough to visit.  You may even get a peek at our personal art collection (other artists' work, not mine) - which grew by one new 48" x 48" oil painting this week by artist, Kloe Kang - more on that later.....

If you've a mind, please click on the MindSieve Studio Attractions to Come tab for an announcement I make with fast beating heart:)  Thanks for visiting today and give this a Tweet if you feel anyone you know might enjoy visiting the MindSieve Studio either now and/or especially in June!

*Reworked art piece
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  1. Wonderful! I've already taken a peek under the tabs and look forward to all future posts, given my penchant for all things art.