Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Thursday - the lessons get bigger

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From Richard Rohr this a.m. - partial excerpt -"Wondrous Encounters: Scripture for Lent," pp. 134-135................
"The sacrificial instinct is the deep recognition that something always has to die for something bigger to be born.  We started with human sacrifice (Abraham and Isaac), we moved to animal sacrifice (the ritual killing of the Passover lamb described in Exodus 12), and we gradually get closer to what really has to be sacrificed—our own beloved ego—as protected and beloved as a little household lamb!  We will all find endless disguises and excuses to avoid letting go of what really needs to die.  And it is not other humans (firstborn sons of Egyptians), animals (lambs or goats), or even “meat on Friday” that God wants or needs.  It is always our false self that has to be let go, which is going to die anyway."

And, yes, I gave particular attention to my tootsies (that would be toes for many) this morning during my shower as this evening I will be rendering those feet for washing by one of my Christian friends and/or acquaintances during the remembrance of Jesus' washing the feet of his disciples as an act of servanthood - and of becoming the least of them.  

I, unlike the disciples, will not be unaware of what will be happening during the ceremony so I will be somewhat prepared as a man, woman, boy or girl takes each of my feet in their hands and applies a warm water "bath" in remembrance of Jesus' actI know that the feet that I may handle may not have remembered to give a good soak this a.m. but that will matter little as the reality of this act washes over me and makes even clearer what all of this leading up to Easter is about.  Clean feet only?  I think not, but an effort to live in service to others in whatever small ways I may offer - let me remember.

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