Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week, Tuesday - More Little Lessons

It's the Holy Week!Image by Bakar_88 via Flickr

In reading this a.m. I was reminded of how eager I/we can be when it comes to judging others.  It can be an almost knee jerk reaction - what's that outfit, they should lose five pounds, they should gain five pounds, what's up with that purple hair, what's up with that dog of theirs, what's up with the way they're driving - on and on and on.  

What's up with me?! Someone else's business is not mine......what wasted time I spend in judgment.  Let me/us suspend judgment of others for a day - today.  Let me cultivate the habit of non-judgment.
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  1. Indeed, it's so easy to find -- and comment on! -- what we perceive to be flaws in others and fail to see the same, or worse, flaws in ourselves. Curbing the brain and tongue is, for me, a constant job, as is reminding myself to give others a break. There are in fact lots of nice folks out there, if we just cut them a little slack occasionally!

  2. Hi MS - your comment is right on for me! So many great people indeed - no reason to miss the chance of knowing them:)